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Jimmy is wheeled down the hallway as Lois's boobs follow. Lois is attached to them. She bounces as she walks slowly.

"Don't take your love away from me!" the song goes. Doomsday carries Chloe into the darkened Fortress. It's snowing. It's similar to Clark carrying her in to wipe her memories, and I'm sure it's just as bad for Chloe. Doomsday walks slowly and his face is still obscured. For a monster, he looks at Chloe tenderly. He places her down on an ice platform. He leans his face in close. Scary! Chloe opens her eyes, looking straight ahead. They look unnaturally bright. Doomsday's claw is next to her head. Chloe has Brainiac eyes. Chloe smiles evilly. Yep. That's some Brainiac action, right there.

The wedding video. Chloe and Jimmy are cutting the cake. We pull back to reveal that the video is being watched on a large screen. It's the moment when they heard the crashing from overhead. Wedding guests scramble as we continue to pull back. We see the back of a bald head as it watches the video. The head is strapped to some wires. Other wires are attached to the back of the bald man's bare body and there seem to be some metal plates attached to the back. Lex! (I think.) We cut to black.

Next week: I eat turkey and play lots of video games. Have a wonderful holiday season. Next episode airs January 15. See you then.

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