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Upstairs at The Talon, more filming. Gay Awesomeness says the groom is more frazzled than he thought. Jimmy says he just forgot his bowtie. This is the one occasion where Jimmy won't look silly wearing one of those. Jimmy opens the apartment door and we get a glimpse of Chloe's stocking-clad leg as she's putting on a garter. She's wearing a frilly lavender robe. "Whoah!" Jimmy exhales. Gay Awesomeness is right behind him, still filming. Dude! Put it away! No, not that, the camera! Chloe, not even noticing that another man is in the room, asks her "Cowboy" if he wants to give her a hand. Gay Awesomeness cannot stop filming this incredible footage. Chloe's robe is open, exposing her purple bra. Jimmy suddenly realizes he's not supposed to see Chloe until the wedding. He slaps an ineffective hand over his eyes. Then he puts a hand over the camera to stop the filming. "Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut," he says. Gay Awesomeness complains, saying this is classic. Classic what? Jimmy tells Gay to go. Hell no, Gay won't go! Jimmy says he tried calling, but thought Chloe was getting her hair coiffed or whatever. Chloe says she got it done early. Jimmy wouldn't have shown up if he'd known. Chloe can't understand the fuss. She tells Jimmy to calm down and says maybe it's good that he came by because her garter is being temperamental. How's that? Jimmy thinks it's a disaster. It's the Hindenburg, he says. Worse than black cats and broken mirrors. Chloe, smiling, says their love has weathered federal arrests, heart-attack kisses and bouts of amnesia. She thinks they'll survive this. Deep breath from Chloe. Jimmy follows with one of his own. And then another with his eyes closed. She hands Jimmy the garter belt and sits. Jimmy thinks it's a sign that when no one else is around to help, they'll always be there for each other. Whoah, major Chloevage. Jimmy puts the garter belt on her. He gives her a kiss before going to get his bowtie. After he goes, Chloe's cell phone beeps. She has a voicemail on her BlackBerry from Davis. She listens. Davis says he knows he's the last person she wants to talk to today, but he needs her to call him back. He's having blackouts again. Jimmy returns, on camera. He asks who was on the phone. She lies that it was Brigadier General Lois. Gay Awesomeness is filming Chloe's exposed rack the whole time. She asks if Jimmy is ready to storm the beach. She's caught looking worried as Jimmy walks away. Gay Awesomeness follows Jimmy out, still with the filming. I hope he has an extra battery in that bag. Chloe looks dramatically off to the side.

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