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Kent home. Lois, coming down the stairs is yelling, "Chop-chop!" and telling Clark to hurry up so he can escort Chloe. She appears wearing her pretty orange dress. Clark is wearing a suit and tie. They stare at each other. Clark takes a long gander at her whole body. Lois says it looks like Clark is ready. He is, but he can't get his cufflinks to work. Stupid, stupid cufflinks! Damn these contraptions! Clark says they belonged to his dad and he never had to put them on before. They didn't come with a manual. Lois makes a "Farmer John" crack about his flannel shirts. Hey, that's my job! Clark stares at her as Lois does the cufflinks. She tells him that it has to stick up straight so you can slide it in. Lois stops herself as she realizes she said something very sexual, only it's really not dirty except in Lois's fevered brain and in her moistened ladyparts. Lois hands Clark the ring to give to Jimmy later as well as the vows, in case Jimmy forgets. Lois walks away a bit. As her back is to Clark, he begins to read woodenly, "It's really hard for me to put my feelings into words, but from the moment we met, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you." Lois swoons, thinking stupidly that Clark is talking to her directly. She turns, smiling. "Jimmy's vows," Clark says. Lois's smile fades. "They're really sweet," Clark notes. He sees Lois's hurt look. Oh, geez. So clumsy. Lois gets over it quickly. She says Jimmy is a regular Cyrano. Gay Awesomeness shows up with the camera, breaking the awkward moment. He asks for a testimonial. We get the clip from the beginning of the episode of Clark and Lois speaking to the camera. A quick cut to static takes us to the next scene.

Davis is in the driver's seat of his ambulance. He's parked and calling Chloe. He's in a panic. He's got no shirt under his jacket and he's got blood all over him. Davis tells the phone that he's in trouble and has done something horrible. He needs Chloe's help. He's frantically trying to wipe blood off the ambulance with a towel. He zips up his jacket. Throws the towel in a plastic garbage bag. He picks up that bag and another one, both filled with bloody, squishy stuff. He's in a Metropolis alley. He walks to some Dumpsters and throws in the garbage bags. He strips off his surgical gloves, throws them in and closes the lid. A flashlight shines on him. Davis turns. There's a security guard who says he saw the ambulance when he was doing his rounds. He asks if everything is all right. Davis says it was a prank call. They get them all the time. The guard notices blood on the ground near Davis. Davis is all sweaty. He says he needs to go. The guard slowly walks to the Dumpster. He opens it and sees something's wrong. "Sweet Mary and Joseph. What the Hell did you put in there?" he asks. He pulls out a gun and points it at Davis. "What did you do?" he asks. Davis says it's not his fault and he can't control it. He starts breathing heavily. His hand twitches. He warns the guard that he needs to get out of there. The guard says he's not going anywhere until the cops arrive. Davis doubles over and lands on the ground. Out of the top of his hand, two gnarly spikes poke out. Then a third. A nearby cart rolls. The guard, panicking, fires his gun. Then he screams, "No!" The camera stays on the wheel of the cart. Blood splashes against it as major violence goes down out of the frame. Welcome to your Dooms! Day. Davis. Hi.

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