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The Barnness of Unnecessary Reunionitude. Dolled-up Lana is in the loft, staring at Chloe's bouquet. We never got to see who caught it. Let me guess: Dumb-Shit Lois? Lana's phone beeps quietly. She opens her incredibly sparkly purse to retrieve it. The message says, "Did the archer believe you?" No sender name or any other text on the screen. Lana replies to the message, but we don't see what she types. Clark comes up behind her and watches her. Hey, nice ass! "Chloe's glad you came," he says stiffly. I, on the other hand, wish you'd get the fuck off my property. Again. Wanna shoot a video about it? Lana turns and gives Clark her hopeless little look. I didn't miss that much. "I could have used some warning," Clark tells her. Well, I could have used a bottle of tequila for this scene. Lana puts away her phone. She doesn't respond. Clark guesses she wasn't planning on coming back. "Not until a few hours ago," she confirms. Clark asks what changed her mind. No response. Are they paying her by the line, or what? "I'm not expecting you to say it was me," Clark says. Lana changes the subject. She smiles and takes a step forward. She says she read about the mysterious blur saving lives in Metropolis. She's proud of Clark. She says it's what Clark should have been all along. Are you saying he was wasting his time the previous seven seasons? Hey... come to think of it... Clark asks if that means Lana's happy she left. Her brow furrows. She says it was the hardest decision she's ever had to make. But, she says, she's glad she finally had the guts to do it. "Guts" is the kind of word Lex would use. They stare at each other for what feels like weeks. Lana tries to lighten things up. She says that she would have died before admitting it, but she used to stare across the field to the Kent Farm and dream of a summer wedding there. Wow, you really had your sights set low back then. "Of course, I always thought I'd play a bigger part," she says. Yeah, you and Lex both. Maybe if you hadn't gotten your ass married somewhere else... Clark says Lana probably would have if he had given her Chloe's wedding gift. A gift? You call taking her memories a gift? You fucking asshole. Clark explains that he had Jarnelle take away Chloe's memories. Are you going to tell everyone tonight? How soon before Chloe finds out? Clark wonders aloud if things would have been different with Lana if he'd done the same. Lana says she understood the lies Clark told to protect his identity (did you really? I thought that's what caused five seasons of angst), but that she would never have forgiven Clark for taking that away from her. "You can't mean that," Clark says, "it turned your life upside-down." Lana says that maybe it was exactly what her life needed. Yeah, Clark. Learn for once. Lana says that she could have landed in a lot of places, but without Clark, she would have never landed here. Huh? Stop your witch talk! Clark asks if that's it. He says it's all over. "It's that easy?" he asks. Lana says it's not. But, she says, for the first in her life, where she is now feels right. On the set of Street Fighter? That Ryu must be a charmer. Lana says that neither of them would admit it, but maybe Clark Kent and Lana Lang just weren't meant to end up together. People downstairs start chanting, "Kiss! Kiss!" Yeah, I don't think that's gonna happen up here. Clark and Lana both look. Chloe and Jimmy are kissing and everyone is applauding. Lana gives Clark a wistful look.

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