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Men Suck

Commercials. Mmmm, tasty Matrix.

Back in a place where I'm not biting my nails, The Talon. Lana, wearing an odd green shirt, runs into Clark, still wearing his road crew vest. Clark says the roads are litter-free. Lana says he must be exhausted. Clark says he's frustrated and humiliated. Hey, who the fuck do you think picks up your trash the other 364 days of the year? Clark asks about Lana's ass-kicking lessons. Lana says that Lex has a way of bringing out a side of Lana that's both scary and liberating. Clark warns her about being careful. Lana says she's not going to go prowling the night looking for a fight. Yeah, now that Birds of Prey is gone, there's not really a place for that. Lana says she'll leave that to Clark. Clark says that there's no future in fighting crime unless you want to get sued. Clark says he knows Fratty Oldman is faking, but he's got no proof. Clark was going to follow the guy with a camera, but he'd be violating the restraining order. Lana offers to help. "The law's not on our side. What are we supposed to do?" she asks. That makes perfect sense. In Bizarro WORLD WORLD WORLD!

Medical Center. Lex is pissed! He's in a frothing rage! And what happened to Dropkick? I want answers, dammit! Lex asks someone on the phone where someone else is. (Meacham? Hayden?) Sheriff Puss'nBoots says she's sorry about Dr. Dropkick. (Nooooooooo!) She hopes Lex isn't planning on taking the law into his own hands. A billionaire whose girlfriend just got sliced up? Of course he won't! Lex says that the woman he loves is fighting for her life (whew!), and that he hasn't got a lot of faith in the justice system right now. Marge says she's got roadblocks, deputies, and a warrant pending on the motel room. Lex asks how long that'll take. She says it'll take a little while, but that she's doing what she can. Lex doesn't sound convinced. Lex walks away. Marge follows and asks where he's going. She warns him not to tamper with the investigation. Or she'll scratch him. "Or what?" Lex yells, "you'll arrest me and make me pick up trash?" Her lips tight, Marge says that Lex is not above the law. "Thank you for that bracing insight," Lex says, dismissing her. He says he's going to go. Not a lot of love there. I think Lex is a dog person.

Outside the hospital, Clark sees Lex speeding off in his car. Clark sees Marge coming out and asks about Dr. Dropkick. Violating laws about patient privacy, she says that it's still touch and go. She turns to a deputy, asks about the warrant, and mentions the name of the motel right in front of Clark. Clark's eyes get all big with information overload.

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