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Men Suck

Motel. Clark superspeeds there and watches as something's going on inside. He x-ray-visions and sees someone entering through a window. Inside, Lex is scoping the motel room with a flashlight. Lex suddenly appears behind Clark. Lex tells Clark to stay out of it. Clark warns Lex against acting out. Lex asks if he should just leave this to the "pros." Lex says that Tall Paul's car is still here. Lex's phone suddenly rings. He lets the phone ring and flashes a light over to the broken, bloody mirror. The ringing phone is supposed to be Lex's guy, I suppose. He and Clark sneak over to the bathroom. They slowly open the door. Flashlight on the shower curtain. Lex pulls the curtain. Meacham! He's dead, throat slit. Lex calls somebody a son of a bitch and says that Tall Paul now has Meacham's car. Clark hears a car approaching outside. The closed captioning says that the police are yelling for whoever's inside to come out with their hands up, but in reality, they just bust in, guns waving. Lex has picked up Meacham's gun as well. When the cops bust in, they only find the open window, a thin curtain waving in the breeze. Marge is one sad kitty.

Lex and Clark show up at a train station. Lex says that the lojack system said the guy is there. Clark says he thought only the police had access to "lojack." Because Clark is the expert. Lex suggests that they split up. No! You'll break Clark's heart! Clark decides to wait for the sheriff. Lex goes off on his own to catch a stalker. Suddenly, Smallville has a train station as big as the one Harry Potter takes to get to Hogwarts. Lex passes a bunch of people and looks around. He spots Tall Paul, who scrambles between two of the train cars. He rounds a corner, looking hunted, and suddenly there is Lex, gun pulled on him. "If you pull that trigger, you're going to be the one going to prison," Paul warns. Lex pulls out a hankie with "LL" on it (what is it with handkerchiefs on TV lately?) and takes a second gun from his pants. He tosses the gun to Paul, who stupidly catches it. "Not if it's self-defense," Lex says. How cool is Lex this week? My goodness. He's so cool, we need to go to commercials to cool off.

Back at the train station standoff, Lex looks like he might pull the trigger. Paul suddenly gets smart and points the gun he was just given at Lex. Oh, wait, that's actually very stupid. Why would Lex give you a loaded gun? The gun, of course, dry fires. Lex isn't even amused at that. "I guess I forgot to load it," Lex says. "You're just full of surprises tonight, aren't you?" Paul asks. Huh? What's that in reference to? I like it when the villains just shut up and cower. Lex raises his gun slightly, and Paul has enough time to spin-kick Lex in the chest. Again: huh? Lex flies. Paul takes off and gets on the train. The train that's not moving. Where does he think he's going to go? Hoboville? Clark, meanwhile, decides to stop standing around and goes to help Lex.

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