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Doomy, Baby
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All right, you can put away your pitchforks and torches, or if you're less dramatic, stop writing your, "Goodbye, Smallville, FOR-EVAH!" letter. We finally got a great episode this week. It's a doozy of a Doomy!

We open, nighttime, at the building of Lana's former brainchild, the Isis Foundation, now fallen on hard times and under new stewardship. Former journalist (teeth grind) Chloe Sullivan now runs the place. It's the As-Is Foundation these days. Inside, a teen girl wearing a purple blouse, purple eye shadow and black fingernail polish is cradling a mug of coffee. She's telling a support group around her that one year, Santa gave her the wrong doll. Is that what inspired this look? She says she got so mad that she made all the Christmas lights on her block go out. Chloe looks at her sympathetically. She hates unlit Christmas lights. So much wasted potential. The girl says it was the first time her parents figured out she was different. She tries to take a sip of her drink, but gets annoyed. She turns the mug upside down and the liquid inside has turned solid. Light Brite tells a boy across from her, Jesse, to knock it off. Jesse, wearing iPod earbuds, says it wasn't him. Light Brite causes the volume on his music player to increase. Jesse jumps. Aw, teens these days, with their crazy telekinetic powers.

Everyone else in the very large support circle laughs nervously. Light Brite asks why she's even there. She wonders if "Goldilocks" (Chloe) is just putting a bullseye on her head. She thinks it's clever that Chloe put out cryptic ads in alternative newspapers to gather them all in one place. Chloe tells the girl that she must have had a reason for coming. Light Brite says she doesn't mind a few friendly faces, but she's worried that they're targets for people who don't want meteor freaks to exist. A clean-cut kid nearby says that the group is the best thing that's ever happened to him. Virgin! Light Brite calls him "Pocket protector" and tells him to wait until the angry mob comes after them. Clean-Cut thinks there's strength in numbers. He thinks they'll be harder to target if they stick together. Chloe tells the group that coming to the meeting was a big step in making other people appreciate their gifts. She thanks them for coming and asks them to make sure to sign in before they leave. And no signing it, "Super Awesome Freak Lord" again. That's really annoying, Seth. Everyone takes off.

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