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Doomy, Baby

We see the ambulance arrive at a dark, fenced area. Davis pulls out his flashlight. There's something on the ground. He picks it up. It looks like a key, but is so out-of-focus, I can't be sure. Hey, focus! Down in front! They hear something growling beyond a fence line up ahead. Davis tells Jimmy to stay there. He goes inside. Jimmy waits. From behind Jimmy, we hear something whoosh by. Then there are crashing noises and a growl. "Davis!" Jimmy calls. More whooshing. Animal noises. Jimmy goes to the ambulance to retrieve another flashlight. Then he goes inside the fence. Scary!

In the newsroom, Clark is flipping through Davis's photos of murder scenes. He tells Chloe, who is at the computer, that the ambulance number is 17. Chloe says she's surprised Clark hasn't utilized the help of their Martian friend. Clark says that he can't help without some hard proof. Chloe points out that what Clark has isn't conclusive. Thanks, Chloe. Chloe says the victim with the fingernail scrapings could have been reaching up to Davis for help. Chloe reluctantly admits that Davis has the perfect set-up. He can attack people and then pretend to arrive at the scene to save them. Clark says he knows it isn't easy. Chloe finds the dispatch call and location on the computer. They hear a voice. Someone is saying that they need help. There's some kind of monster. Chloe recognizes the voice as Jimmy's. Clark whooshes out without another word.

Clark arrives next to the ambulance. The vehicle is empty. The radio Jimmy used to call is hanging. Davis emerges from the fence. He's stooped over. "Clark!" he says hoarsely. Clark asks what he did to Jimmy. A dark shape grabs Davis by the neck and pulls him back. Davis grunts as he's snatched away. Instead of using his powers, Clark walks in. Very slowly. As he walks into what looks like another alley, everything is in black and white. Clark's red jacket and the ambulance behind him are the only spots of color. Clark calls for Davis. Something is growling nearby. Clark bends down. There's a black creature straddling Davis, who is lying on the ground. The thing, which has green eyes and is giving off black smoke, is choking him. [It's Lost's Smoke Monster! Run! - Z] It sees Clark and rushes away very quickly. Clark goes to help Davis. Davis is couching and hacking. Jimmy shows up behind Clark, holding the flashlight. He tells Clark it's "some sort of shadow creature." [Is that like a Shadow Thief? - Z] That creature is still moving around them. Clark turns. The thing grabs Jimmy and pulls him away. Jimmy is on the ground. He sees a dead body lying next to him. Clark uses his X-ray vision and sees the thing perched over Jimmy. Clark grabs a tire nearby and gives it a mighty swing. The tire sails in slow motion. It hits something with a thud. "Ugh!" the thing says. Clark grabs the flashlight and goes over to see the damage. The shadow creature is slumped over. Its shadow appearance disappears, leaving only Clean-Cut, from Chloe's support group. He's hurt. Jimmy is unconscious, but wakes up when Clark touches him. He says he's fine. They both look at Clean-Cut, who is now asleep. Jimmy starts taking pictures of the slumped teenager. Clark goes back out past the alley as Davis is getting up wearily. Davis is breathing heavily. Clark gulps, feeling bad for accusing the guy of being a killer. Oh, just wait, Clark.

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