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Doomy, Baby

Daily Planet, nighttime. Clark is holding a file and photo of Clean-Cut. He's asking Martian Manhunter how he could have been so wrong about Davis. It turns out the shadow creature kid confessed to all of the recent murders. Clark says there are more psychos waiting. He thinks he has to work more. Manhunter warns Clark about his methods. He says Clark can't access the police blotter every night and peel away the side of a bus in broad daylight. He says Clark is so fixated on being a hero, he's not paying attention to who might be watching. Even with Lex gone, he has a point, dude. Clark asks if this is a pep talk. Manhunter says that Clark's secret is at risk and he's having to keep running interference over Clark's hero shenanigans. Clark says it means he's doing his job. He thinks, stupidly, that all he has to do is make sure no one sees his face. Manhunter asks if Clark is planning on putting on a mask. "You're joking, right?" Clark asks. [Seriously, have you seen his face? - Z] Manhunter warns him that he's not in Smallville anymore. He says there's millions of people in Metropolis looking for hope. "You are that miracle," he tells Clark. Oh, come on, man, let's not get carried away. He thinks it's a matter of time before somebody discovers it. "I'll be more careful," Clark promises. Just then, Jimmy walks in. He's pleased to see Manhunter. He says none of the other police officers will talk to him. Jimmy asks if Manhunter knows anything about a hero in Metropolis. He hurriedly explains about how the shadow guy got knocked out by a tire. [A tire that was thrown from exactly where Clark was standing! Weird! - Z] "Slow down!" Manhunter tells the rambling Jimmy. Jimmy shakes his hand, introducing himself. Jimmy insists that this hero is real. "I hope you're right. We could use the help!" Manhunter tells him. I love him. He is so awesome. I wish the show was about him. Manhunter cuts Jimmy off by saying he'll be happy to hear more when the guy has some hard evidence to present. That shuts Jimmy up. Manhunter bids them goodnight. Jimmy promises Clark that he's going to prove his hero exists. "He's out there," Jimmy says. Yeah. Right next to you.

Clean-Cut is sitting in a detention center. A woman who is not Tess Mercer, but is dressed like her, enters the room. Clean-Cut guesses she's not a lawyer. She shows him that day's paper and congratulates him for making Page 1. The headline says, "Shadow Killer Caught." He says it's nice to have his work recognized after having been the little boy in the shadow. Tess's foot soldier tells him he has more admirers than he thinks. She tells him that her boss, Tess Mercer, is gathering a group of talented people like him. He's not interested in sharing top billing. She calls him on his bullshit. She says he's just a copycat looking for attention, and that he didn't commit those murders. She says the cops haven't seen it yet, but there's surveillance footage of him at an arcade during the crimes. What teenager still goes to a video arcade? She says he must have studied the crimes. She asks him to remember a nun at St. Vincent's who was crushed to death. Clean-Cut insists that it was him and that the timecode on the video must be wrong. She asks where the missing onyx crucifix on the rosary is. "You didn't kill her," she insists. Uh-oh.

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