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Doomy, Baby

The police scanner says there's a back alley disturbance. In my bed! OH! We see a kid, maybe nine years old, running alone in an alley. Now that's just bad parenting. The kid comes to the end of an alley, where there's an obligatory chain-link fence blocking his way. Two hoods are trying to shake him down. "What else you got?" one of the teenagers asks. The kid swears that's all his money. How much cash do you guys really think a 9-year-old is carrying around? You think he's got some Visa cards stashed in his back pocket? Gold teeth? A diversified stock portfolio? The second teen thinks the kid is lying. Of course he's lying. He's afraid for his life. The teens approach the kid. He raises his fists and punches the air while closing his eyes and turning away. A red whoosh comes between them. The teens are knocked down, having gotten clobbered. The kid smiles, thinking he did it. The self-delusion that will follow him the rest of his life begins.

A disturbance at Ace of Clubs. Screams have been heard from inside, the dispatcher says. We see Clark's red blur moving through the city streets toward it. He stops at the high-rise where the Ace of Clubs is located. He looks up at the building. He tilts his head to use the superhearing. Yep, that's screaming all right. Tragic! Clark bends down and takes a flying leap. Wonder squirrel! He lands on the club balcony. Wow, that's a lot of screaming people. It looks like parts of the roof have collapsed. People are lying everywhere, bloodied. The lights are flickering. A woman holds a bloody man in her arms. Clark takes it all in, very slowly. Hey, Clark, I've been meaning to talk to you about your ass. Would you mind getting it in gear right now? Thanks. Clark moves some rubble and turns over a body. It's Davis. He has blood running down the right side of his face. "Davis?" Clark asks. Davis is not conscious. We cut to a few minutes later as Davis is lying on a stretcher. He's woken up. He grunts as he starts to rise. Clark, who's been talking to police, comes over and tells him he probably shouldn't get up. Davis sputters, asking what happened. Clark says he was hoping Davis could tell him. Clark says there's no sign of a bomb or explosion. Just like that bus incident. Why doesn't Clark suspect that Punky Bruiser could be responsible? Clark asks Davis if something attacked those people. Davis says he was walking by with takeout. Up on one of the top floors? Clark asks if Davis remembers coming in. He doesn't. Clark thinks Davis must have a concussion. Davis, getting up, seemingly in pain, says he must have taken a pretty good blow. He thinks he's fine. Clark tells him he's injured and needs to go the hospital. Davis, walking out of the room, says he can take care of himself.

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