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Doomy, Baby

Daily Planet. Why isn't Lois around to ruin the scene? Hey, I'm not complaining. Clark has handed Martian Manhunter a list of names. He says he memorized it off Chloe's desk. Manhunter says he didn't know having a photographic memory was one of Clark's skills. Clark says it's more like speed reading, "But let's not split hairs." I guess if Clark moves really fast and can slow down time it makes sense, but I don't believe for a second that Clark has a better memory than anyone else. Manhunter asks why Chloe didn't just give Clark the list. He says they don't see eye-to-eye on this one. Manhunter gestures to Lois's empty desk and asks why his "mouthy cohort" hasn't gotten involved. Yes! Awesome. I could not love Manhunter more. Clark says that Lois is "On assignment," which he adds is code for "Monster-Truck Rally in Lubbock." If they want us to like Lois, why do they keep painting her to be this... well... to use the vernacular, this white-trashy chick? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it doesn't really go with the way the character is being played or written. All of her music preferences and truck pulls are off-screen. She's the least-credible character on the show, and we're talking about a show with a dude from outer space as the lead.

Manhunter says that Clark's "emerald friend" (friend of Dorothy?) and his superfriends are all on hiatus, too. They are? All of them? I thought Oliver was in town. Clark says he gets it. He's all alone. Manhunter notices a bunch of coffee cups and junk on Clark's desk, the signal that he's been working all night. Manhunter says, "Obsession." He tells Clark that when people's lives are in your hands, it can be hard for anything else to seem important. Clark says nothing else is important. Manhunter reminds Clark that even when you save someone, there are consequences. Clark is disappointed that Manhunter isn't happy that he's embracing his destiny and trying to make a difference. Clark says he dropped the ball the night before. Now he wants to go through the list and see if anyone on it was responsible. Manhunter says that this wasn't an isolated attack. He says there were five other murders like it in the last month. Clark knows; he's been doing research. People died of internal injuries. Their bones were crushed. Manhunter offers to look into Clark's list of names. He also offers another angle. He says a paramedic named Davis has been the first to arrive on the scene every time. Dramatic music on a close-up of Clark. Davis! Hey, do you think he's the same Davis the Paramedic that I know?

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