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Doomy, Baby

Davis the paramedic is in a dark room with a dead body at the hospital. He's removing a scraping from underneath the corpse's fingernail. That body doesn't look very crushed to me. Davis puts the sample in a Petri dish. Just then, Chloe walks in and jokes about meeting in a moldy basement over a corpse. "Will the romance ever end?" she asks. Davis asks what she's doing there. [But not why she's discussing romance with someone who isn't her fiancé. - Zach] Chloe says she's there to look at the latest coroner's report on the girl who was recently killed. She was a new member of her support group. Davis says he's sorry. He tells her it wasn't her fault. Chloe thinks it was, a bit. Chloe says there are other trigger-happy people who believe one of her kids (they're "her kids" now? That was fast.) is responsible for the murders. Davis shakes his head. Chloe starts to come around the dead body. She asks if Davis is checking for strep throat. He tells her she doesn't have to worry about her clients. He doesn't think any of them committed the murders. Chloe would like to think so, too, but she wants to find a suspect. Davis looks like he's going to cry. "Um... I'm afraid that I might be the killer," he says, haltingly. Chloe squints worriedly. I just have to take a moment to give Sam Witwer props here. He pulls the scene off by keeping it quiet and understated and tragic, not breaking down and saying, "Look at me!" I may neglect to mention it elsewhere in this recap but he completely nails this entire episode and makes Davis someone you feel for. Nice work, man. Very good job.

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As-Is Foundation. Chloe and Davis walk. It's still nighttime. Chloe doesn't believe Davis committed these murders. She's so sure of it, she rode here with him, apparently. Ugh, I never noticed that hideous pink couch in the entrance. Gross. It matches Chloe's blouse. Chloe thinks she knows Davis, and that because he saves people every day he can't possibly be a brutal murderer. Did you ever think he doesn't save all of them? Davis says he's been in self-denial for weeks, but doesn't know how to explain the blackouts. He asks Chloe to explain why he was covered in blood, but none of it was his. Chloe has no answer for that. Davis wants to believe Chloe's right, but has nothing to base that on. Chloe thinks it's just a matter of finding the real serial killer. Easy-peasy! Chloe opens her green laptop. "You really don't believe it could be me, do you?" Davis asks, amazed. "No," Chloe says simply. Davis reminds Chloe that they just met. He thinks she's going out on a limb for him. How about going out on the whole damn forest? Chloe jokes that if it's true that "Fools rush in," then she's definitely earned the village idiot title. That's two references to Chloe possibly being in love with Davis. Does she not realize what she's doing? Mixed signals, Chloe?

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