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Doomy, Baby

Daily Planet. Clark sits at his desk. He's abandoned his fancy dress clothes for a blue T-shirt. He's looking at a patient record on his computer. Chloe comes in, angry. She asks if Clark is sharpening his pitchfork. She can't believe he gave a list of names to the police from her office. Clark averts his eyes. Chloe asks how Clark could use his powers to betray her like that. Clark says Chloe was being really defensive. Like you are right now? Chloe says she's defended Clark the same way. She says Clark doesn't get how much of her life she's spent protecting his secret, and if Clark had the guts to step forward the ways these kids have, he'd be the first one on the pyre. Clark doesn't know what a pyre means. Is that like a pie that's on fire? Chloe asks how Clark of all people could be the ringleader of a witch hunt. Clark says that Chloe doesn't know these people, and that after eight years of friendship, he expects the benefit of the doubt from Chloe. Except they've known each other longer than eight years. Didn't they meet long before the show started? "That works both ways," Chloe says coldly. She says Clark's "extra features" don't give him the right to trump anyone else's judgment. Clark suggests they let the facts speak for themselves. Clark shows Chloe some test results Davis was trying to hide. He somehow hacked into the hospital's computers. Does Clark not know how illegal that is? I hope they bust his ass. Chloe reads. Clark thinks Chloe must be able to make sense of the results. "Oh my God," she says. The skin under the victim's fingernails belonged to Davis.

Hospital. Jimmy has shown up, looking for Davis. He brought his camera. It's very, very dark. There's a dead body still lying on a stretcher. Jimmy stares at it. He turns and Davis is there, scaring him. "You ready to catch a killer?" he asks. Jimmy is totally ready. The strings of doom play to a very high pitch. Watch out, Jimmy! Dude is Doomy!

Commercials. Saw V. Please don't encourage them, America.

Metropolis nights. Jimmy and Davis are riding the rig. Hey, Jimmy... you want to see something really scary? Rent the Twlight Zone movie. He asks Davis how often he gets calls from dispatch. Davis says it depends on the night. Jimmy feels dismissed. Davis tries again: "Some nights are busier than others." Jimmy says he bets Davis has seen some horrible things. Davis starts to blink and move his head like he's falling asleep. He's narcoleptic! Run! A call comes in, taking Davis out of his state. Jimmy looks worried. He asks what a "4-11" means. I only know the numbers that are mentioned in rap songs. That's how I learned, "2-11" and "1-8-7." Davis says it's the reason Jimmy came along tonight. He turns on the siren.

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