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Brotherly Lust

Commercials. When you get nominated for an Oscar, are you still obligated to be in every other cell-phone commercial?

Kent Farm. The next morning. Bo is looking out a window and there's an American flag reflected in it. A cow moo can be heard off in the distance. Outside, Lex is pushing a wheelbarrow while Bo watches. This is like Bo's wildest, craziest wet dream. He smiles. "You're up early. Even for you," MamaKent says as she walks into the kitchen. Bo says he couldn't sleep. She asks if that was because of their new houseguest. Well, sorta. Lex and Clark make all kinds of noise together out in that barn. It scares the cows. MamaKent says they can't turn their backs on Lex now. Bo says sagely that he has no intention of turning his back on Lex now. Ha, you see how that had a double meaning? Those clever Smallville writers! In any case, the back turning is Clark's job. Clark comes down the stairs and asks where Lex is. Drop the ruse, farmboy. Bo says that Lex got up at the crack of dawn and insisted on doing chores to earn his keep. "You got him mucking out the stalls already, huh?" Clark asks. Bo laughs. Clark says that Bo is really enjoying this. All kidding aside (get your platitude shields up and ready, Sulu!), Bo reminds Clark that Lex investigated him for a year. He also asks Clark to remember what's in the storm cellar. Clark says that he trusts Lex. "I don't want him left alone on this farm," Bo says sternly.

Lex and a pitchfork in the barn. This show just went from a cool breeze to a smoldering volcano. Lex is pitching some hay into the wheelbarrow. He's still way too well-dressed for a farmer. Clark comes in and says he was going to give Lex some advice, but it looks like the former billionaire has it under control. Lex says that his family used to have a farm in Montana. He'd go there in the summer with his mom. Lex says they would work alongside the ranch hands and everyone did his fair share. He says it was the only time he felt normal. Clark asks if Lex ever goes back. Turns out the property was sold after Lex's mom died. Lex says his dad was never really a man of the people. Clark offers some help with a hay bale, but Lex says he wants to prove to Bo once and for all that some Luthors pull their own weight. Lex -- sweaty, breathless and with his tongue hanging out a bit -- smiles at Clark. Clark smiles back, tight-lipped, and the moment is so electric that if it was harnessed, it could light up Las Vegas for a month. It's a two-way, mega-kilowatt Gayest Look of the Episode.

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