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Mama Mia!

Commercials! Adam Brody is a leading man now? I don't know if that's really gonna fly.

Oliver's clock tower in Metropolis; daytime. Chloe, wearing a bright floral print dress to show off her Chloevage, enters through the elevator. She's carrying a bag of sandwiches and says she brought a bunch because she realized she doesn't know which kind her mother likes. Clark doesn't look happy at all. Chloe's mother sits on an expensive couch, looking out the window. Chloe asks if Clark has talked to Oliver; he promised to put her mother up somewhere in Star City. So Oliver is going to be the guy who's always off-camera doing cool stuff for everybody? Clark says that he doesn't think Chloe's mom is hungry. He says that they've got a problem. Chloe gets serious. She goes to her mother. Lynda Carter stares blankly out the window. "Mom? Mom?" Chloe says. Lynda sees Chloe, and her face brightens. "I wanted to see a blue sky," she says simply. Awww. "One last time," she says. Chloe assures her that she'll see plenty of blue skies, because she won't be locked up anymore. Lynda takes Chloe's hand and tells her sweetheart that she's slipping back. Aw. Crap.

Clark tells Chloe that the drug Lex used on Chloe's mom only lasts 24 hours. Clark, wearing his serious blue jacket, says she doesn't have much time left. Chloe says she's going to talk to Lex. Lynda insists on no deals with "that man." Chloe says that she's not going to lose her mother again. She says that if that drug is out there, she can find it. Gee, I wonder if Gabe Sullivan wouldn't have minded seeing his wife. Chloe looks to Clark and says that she has some pretty amazing resources at her disposal. Clark just looks sad. He doesn't feel much like a resource right now. Lynda gets super-emotional and says that being with Chloe has been the best gift she ever could have been given. Even more than permanent lucidity? She adds that she's dangerous. Chloe doesn't think that's true. Trust us, Chloe. It's pretty dangerous. Lynda says it's like she's a human weapon, and she can't allow it. Chloe, the recapper's best friend, tries to logic her way out of the situation. She says it doesn't have to be like this. But, because it's a recap and not a scriptwriting meeting, things totally have to be like this. Lynda cries and touches Chloe's face. "My little cub reporter," she coos. Dude. Tears. Sadness. But not mine! I'm not crying! Allergies. Lynda hands Chloe the necklace and slips off. Chloe begs her not to go away yet. Has it been a full twenty-four hours? This exit is awfully well-timed. Chloe cries. Clark tries to cry. Lynda Carter, with heavy lids, whispers, "I love you... Chlo-Chloe." The camera stays on Chloe as she rocks the scene. Her eyes fill with tears. "I love you too, mom," she whispers. Lynda Carter's face goes slack. Her eyes glaze. Chloe, at her feet, buries her head in her mother's hand and cries as the camera pulls back.

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