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Mama Mia!

Kent home, nighttime. Chloe enters without knocking. Clark is standing there, seemingly waiting. He asks if she's all right and how she's doing. With no explanation of where they sent Mama Sullivan, Chloe says that it's unfair that her mother won't ever get to read the articles she's written. How about not getting to live the rest of her life? Chloe complains that Mama won't ever get to meet Jimmy. Chloe, about to cry again, says her mom will never get to know the person she's become. "It's a good thing I told her," Clark says. Clark says he gave Mama the complete Chloe Sullivan bio. Did he mention the part where he dicked around with her heart for a few years? I'm sure that went over well. Chloe cries as Clark tells her that her mother was so proud, and that it's something nobody can ever take away. Chloe tells Clark about Lex's visit. She says that it's "kill or be killed" time and that Lex said it's the story or her. Clark asks if Lex threatened her. "I'm in his crosshairs," she tells him. "Well, now he's in mine," Clark says. Chloe asks him to think about Lana. Again? She says they can't do anything to Lex until they know Lana is safe. "He'd feed her to the lions just to spite me," Clark says. "But it's inevitable," Clark says. "The war's about to begin." Finally! What took you so long?

A short PSA nicely done by Erica Durance for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Go forward at the Web site, or call 800-225-0292. Buy a Superman tag.

Next week: Clark and Lex are trapped underground. Will it be hot and sweaty or dusty and unlubricated? I'll spend the week trying not to think about it.

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