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Mama Mia!

Back at Chloe's apartment. Chloe is still saying that it was her; the boots and the button are enough evidence. Clark thinks that there must be another explanation. Chloe pulls out the small box from the night before: the flash drive. "Can you explain this?" she asks. Clark can't even explain how water comes out of the tap. Chloe decides she's guilty as charged. Clark says she wasn't herself. Chloe plugs the ungainly six-gigabyte drive with a USB dongle into her laptop's USB hub card. Chloe opens the drive, which is sneakily called "LUTHORCORP." But don't tell, because it's a secret. Inside is a confidential document. There's no name, but it describes a suspect: "Able to control other meteor-infected subjects." It says that she has blue eyes and brown hair, is 5'8", was born September 20, 1960, and admitted herself to Forest Glen Sanitarium approximately nine years ago. I guess this document is a few years old, if I'm going to reconcile things for the show's timeline, which I probably shouldn't. It says that she was considered delusional and underwent intensive psychotherapy. "Patient eventually fell into a catatonic state, rendering further treatment ineffective." Also: "First contact: Patient came to our attention while researching her daughter, also suspected of possessing special abilities. Upon first attempting to communicate with the patient, we found her still catatonic and unresponsive. Patient was given a newly developed drug intended to disrupt the catatonia and 'Wake' the patient. Drug proved successful only when administered every --" And that's where it cuts off at the bottom of the screen. Chloe says that it's a case file. Clark asks whether there's a name. She scrolls down. There's talk of "government utilization" and special forces. They want to use this person as a weapon: "Patient may be the key to finalizing Project Ares." They want to create peptide-enhanced beings. "Result: the world's first unstoppable army," it reads. There's a line at the bottom that says to click for the patient's photo. Clark notices the birth date. Chloe says aloud that the patient was born in Granville, Kansas. She clicks on the line about the photo. Lynda Carter, looking a little scary with wild upswept hair, is wearing a blue patient robe. Chloe says, "Oh my God, Clark. It's my mom." Dramatic music!

An industrial building in the woods we haven't seen before. Inside, Lynda Carter is in a very tiny slab of a bed. There's a small lamp next to her. She's holding the same chain from the beginning of the episode. She's being observed through a large glass window as people walk down a hall. Lex comes into her room. Lynda Carter says that she wants to see her daughter. In case we missed the connection, Lex says that she'll soon see Chloe. Lex says that the drug they gave her is experimental, and that her ability might throw her back into catatonia. She counters that this "ability" thing is all in Lex's imagination. Lex says that in her medical file, it says she committed herself because she had the ability to control her daughter. Whenever she touched one of Chloe's possessions, she could make Chloe do anything. "I was sick. Mentally ill," she says. Lex says that delusions don't short-circuit the brain. Really? They don't? Lex says that her ability is to thank for that. Lex thinks that she can control others just like she could with Chloe. Lynda Carter says that whatever ability she has is due to a mother-daughter bond. Lex counters that Lynda's bond with Chloe is that they both have traces of meteor rock in their bloodstream. Long silence. Lynda says she has to see Chloe. Lex stops walking out of the room to go all fake sincere and tell her that he won't stand in the way of their reunion. He asks her to demonstrate her power first. "There's nothing to demonstrate," she says determinedly. She says she's never controlled anyone but Chloe. Lex thinks there's a first time for everything. Lex smiles coldly.

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