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Mama Mia!

Commercials. Hey, the Yaris is back! Yay, Yaris. How I missed you, sweet, contoured, driving machine. Maybe you should sponsor this episode!

The mental institution. Chloe and Clark walk into the lobby. He asks if her mother wasn't catatonic the last time Chloe saw her. Chloe says that she doesn't play late-night bumper cars and is convinced that it was her mother controlling her actions. Chloe tries to sign in at the front desk to see her mother, Moira Sullivan. The Zjelko Ivanek-looking guy at the desk already has his arms crossed. "Did you not understand us the first time?" he asks. No, why don't you explain? Zjelko-Lite says that Chloe was asked never to come back. Clark thinks that there must be a mistake; Chloe hasn't visited in months. Nice daughter. Zjelko says that Chloe created a huge scene yesterday and that they don't want a repeat performance. Chloe says there's no matinee scheduled; she just wants to see her mother. Zjelko buzzes security and suggests that Chloe leave before they escort her out. Two men in white short-sleeved shirts amble threateningly into the scene. Clark says that they can't prevent Chloe from seeing her own mother. He notices an overhead security camera. Clark pulls Chloe aside and whispers for her to wait outside and to trust him. She does. Clark sees a big, obvious sign with an arrow pointing to the "SECURITY OFFICE."

Establishing shot of the overly metal facility where they're holding Lynda Carter. A guard is leading her to another room. Inside, we can see Lex and a security guy behind glass. Isn't that kind of glass usually one-way? In the room is a teenager wearing a black ski cap. He doesn't look happy. Lex asks Lynda to do a show-and-tell. She asks what he wants from her. Lex smirks. He asks "Lowell" to give her all he's got. Lowell pulls a prop desk from the wall with one hand and flings it at Lynda Carter. She screams as it crashes against the wall. He walks toward her. Lynda grabs a large pen from the floor. It glows green. She picks it up as Lex watches. "Sit down," we hear her say from her mind. Lowell does. Lex is very pleased. This was a good show-and-tell.

New establishing shot of The Daily Planet. Pretty clouds and a huge, looming LuthorCorp building overshadowing the puny Planet structure. Chloe is watching security-camera video of herself from the mental hospital -- video that she must have acquired very illegally. In the video, she's arguing in the lobby with a woman who has told her that her mother has been transferred. Chloe asks to speak to her mother's doctor. The woman says that the doctor is out of town for a conference. "You're lying," Chloe says. She tries to walk past the woman. The woman grabs Chloe's arm and that's enough for Chloe to rear back and punch the woman in the face. Whoa! The present-day Chloe, at her desk, is taken aback by her own pugilism. "I can't believe I did that!" Chloe says. I can't believe you did it either! Clark, also watching, guesses that Lynda Carter wanted Chloe to come help her, but didn't realize she was going to be transferred to another facility. Chloe thinks her mother made her steal the flash drive from Lex to find out her location. That seems a bit convoluted. Would someone who's been catatonic in a mental institution for twelve years even know what a flash drive does? Chloe says that either way, her mother's sending out an S.O.S. Clark says they should go talk to Lex. With their fists. Chloe grabs her coat. This is an awful lot of driving back and forth.

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