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Holy Matrimony!

Are you ready for another musical montage? Patty Griffin's "Heavenly Day" plays. If only it were. Lana smiles at Lex, who doesn't seem so happy anymore. Slow-motion on Lex and Lana leaving the church five hours later. People throw confetti and rose petals as cameras flash. We don't recognize anybody in the crowd. Lex and Lana walk to a black town car. Lana enters the vehicle. Lex sees Clark hanging in the back, his shirt collar open. Clark frowns. Lex gives Clark a defiant look and enters the car. Lex and Lana kiss in the car. She fakes happiness well. She glances back and sees Clark. He scowls at her, hungrily. She is sad as she and Lex drive off. Lex doesn't notice that Lana is giving Clark the moony eyes? The car's license plate is "LL," of course. Lana turns back toward us. Close-up on her eyes. She's got a lot to think about. We go to black as the song concludes on the words, "Heavenly day." You're too good for this, Patty.

Miles: Boy, we sure screwed this show up, didn't we?
Al: We sure did, Miles. We sure did. Who wants pie?
Miles: ME!

Next week: lots of wrestling action! No more of this pussy wedding relationship bullshit. Blargh!

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