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Freaky Friday

Jail. Toyman's on the phone, telling someone that the Blur won't be a problem anymore. Who's on the other end? Who knows? Toyman hears a whoosh behind him and asks, "Back so soon, my pretty little plaything?" "I'm flattered, Winslow," Clark says. Toyman gasps. Clark grabs his phone and crushes it. You don't think there might have been some useful information on there, super dope? Toyman is momentarily distraught. He thinks for a bit. "What's to say I don't tell the whole world who you really are?" he asks. "Something tells me if you really wanted to, you already would have," Clark says. Well, I'm 100% reassured! How about you? Clark gives him a little speech about stopping his games or whatever and there's heroic music like this isn't ten pounds of moron in a five-pound bag. Clark zips away while Toyman sulks into empty space.

Fortress. Clark walks in. Jor-El greets him: "I trust you found my gift to the both of you illuminating." Clark thinks Jor-El's gifts suck. He thinks it was another trial, not about showing Lois what it was like to have powers or showing him what it was like to be human. Jor-El plays innocent. "This whole time it's been up to me to decide when to take control of my destiny," Clark says. That's the message you got from all this? Because I got your passive-aggressive asshole father trying to show you and Lois that y'all are super dumb and super unprepared for a life together. Clark says he's not just the son of Jor-El or the son of Jonathan Kent, leaving out Martha and Lara completely. Clark plucks a crystal out of the console. The Fortress goes dark. "Goodbye, Jor-El," Clark says. Thanks for all your work, Terence Stamp. You were better than the show deserved. As Clark whooshes away, the camera lingers on the ice closet where the Superman outfit is still hanging.

Digging. Oliver's shoveling away in some dark plot of land. He unearths a chunk of gold kryptonite. Ominous music tries hard to imbue some suspense, but nobody really believes Clark is going to permanently lose his powers, do they?

Watchtower. Lois is wearing a gorgeous purple dress that looks like it came from Tess's collection. She's also wearing a worried expression as she fiddles with her engagement ring. Clark comes up behind her and drapes a stole around her shoulders. Is there any reason why they're getting duded up at Watchtower and not at their apartment? Probably not. Lois reflects on what it was like having Clark's powers. She didn't really realize until now that it's never really over, this being a hero thing. Clark admits this is true, but: "I guess I tell myself there's always a balance of good and evil in the world; it's up to me to tip the scale." He's talking like he had some insight into Oliver's subplot this week, but he doesn't. Lois is tearfully proud of her man. She hugs him. Kara is levitating outside the window, unseen. She has tears in her eyes, too. "Good luck, Clark," she whispers, and slides the Legion ring onto her finger. She zaps herself into the future in a burst of pink light, choosing not to say goodbye for no real reason. Inside, Clark and Lois are still hugging. "I was so weak, Clark," Lois whispers. You were dumb, too. Don't forget dumb. "The very moment Toyman threatened you, I put on that diode and I let him control me." Over Lois's shoulder, Clark's face starts to get a little concerned with where this conversation is going. Lois goes on to say that he's her greatest weakness and that she's his, too. He tries to reassure her that she's his strength, that his new Jor-El-free destiny is to marry her. She smiles, but she's still crying. He heads for the door, I guess to their rehearsal dinner, but Lois sobs and apologizes. "After today, I realized us being together makes you vulnerable, and I can't just sit and watch a movie and eat ice cream when at that very moment you could be saving five people." She can't steal that time from other people who need saving, she says. She's full on crying. "I'm sorry, Clark, I can't marry you." She leans into his arms for another hug while Clark sort of... looks around. Too bad she didn't realize this before you sold the only home you've ever known, huh?

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