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We see video footage of soldiers being taken down in Tunnel 7. There's shooting, then static. The robot voice says the area has been compromised. Number One says that's only thirty meters from here. Section C is compromised right after D. Twenty meters. Ten. More soldiers are gunned down. This isn't exactly Aliens, but it's sure trying. Section B is compromised. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Mr. Science says. I bet it was your idea, egghead! See what happens when you mess with science and breakfast cereals! You asshole! We hear crashing in a nearby wall. That's way closer than ten meters. They turn. Mr. Science gets out of his chair. Number One tries not to get in the way. Lex draws a handgun. A door opens. We see from a creature's point of view the cartoony shape of Lex firing his gun. It appears to ripple the very fabric of existence. It's like Lex is shooting a force field. From out of that field, the shape of a man appears to disarm Lex. The gun is now pointed at Lex. Hey, it's Keenan Ivory Wes, the soldier whose wife was really mad. What's he doing in cahoots with a silly rabbit? "Mission accomplished," Wes says. Indeed. Number One, Lex and Mr. Science all stare at each other. Somebody say something! Lex blinks. Wes lowers the weapon. He says he's standing by for further instructions. Mr. Science gets back on his chat room and MySpace immediately. He tells Lex that Wes's vitals are steady and that he didn't even break a sweat. Lex looks at his watch again. It took two minutes and 18 seconds to infiltrate the building, take out his best men and eliminate the target. Lex is pleased. He says it's not a bad test run. "Get some fresh guards," Lex says, "I want to see him do it again." I hope those guards aren't all dead. Then again, does it really matter on this show? Penultimate! Close-up on Lex.

Opening credits. Commercials. Hello, Yaris.

Stately Luthor Manor, daytime. Lana is in the Lair Of Lex, arranging some white flowers in a vase. Lex, standing in the background, says they have about a dozen people who can do that for her. Lana, in a seemingly good mood, says they'll be brushing her teeth next. Only ten people are qualified for that task. Lana says there are some things she'd rather do on her own. Unfortunately for Lex, they include sex. Lex says Lana is "independent" (dude. No.) and willing to get her hands dirty. He comes to her, saying that those are two of the billion or so reasons he fell in love with her. Lex must have invested in some cracker factory shares, because he's really piling on the cheese. Lana visibly winces as Lex puts his hands on her shoulders. Lana, wearing a sleeveless shirt, says her shoulder's still a little sore. Oh yeah. From being shot. She's in a good mood for a gunshot wound victim with no visible scar. Lex suggests they let the doctor look at it again. Is it possible to implant a fake baby in that shoulder, Lex wonders. Lana says it's all right. Lex reminds her that she was shot. Lana says it takes more than a bullet to stop a Luthor.

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