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They're interrupted by a knock at the door. A lackey tells Lex that Senator Burke has arrived. Lana says that Lex has been seeing a lot of the senator lately. Lex says it's the price of doing business with the government. He promises it'll just take a minute. Lana says she'll be in the garden. Doing her own damn independent garden work. All the women who are just like Lana, throw your hands up at me! Wow, that is a very small number of hands. Lana walks past Senator Burke, who is a large roly-poly of a man. He's what you see in lame commercials simulating congressional hearings when they have the one sweaty congressman wiping his brow and saying, in a thick southern accent, "Ah move to make this un-cola... a national treasure! All in favor?" And then everybody drinks up and cheers like it's Mr. Pepsi Goes to Washington. Come to think of it, I should totally sell that idea to someone! Get me Madison Avenue! Senator Jabba says, "Mrs. Luthor?" Lana says, "Senator," as she keeps walking. Doctor? Doctor. Jabba says he didn't mean to interrupt a tender moment. Lex jokes that if he had, he'd still be waiting outside. Lex still isn't getting any, but at least he's able to joke about it. Wonk, wonk, wonk... Jabba says he doesn't want to keep Lex from his "purty lady," but he wants an update on Project Ares. Lex says confidently that they're in the final stages of testing and that everything is on schedule. Jabba, standing in the background all fuzzy as Lex faces us in the fore, says he thought things were way ahead of schedule. Why don't we just start a new schedule that is exactly on time? Jabba is mad that he stuck his neck out to get Armed Services Committee approval for military resources for Project Ares R&D and that Lex has already leapt ahead to mass production. Well, that is where we know you must be lying, Senator. Because we can all see that you have no neck. Lex says he was just looking to the future. Jabba asks how long Lex thinks he can keep the real project a secret. Jabba says that one of his men is telling him Lex has a mole in his own backyard. Lex has a pretty big estate. I wouldn't doubt there's a rodent or two in there somewhere. Lex asks him to identify the informant. Jabba says his boy doesn't talk so well with a bullet in his heart. Lex says if there are holes in his security, he'll patch them up. Not to keep banging that drum, but Lex has the worst security money can't buy. Senator Jabba asks what Lex thinks would happen if the Senate got wind of what he's doing. Dude. Please. Don't break wind toward the Senate. Anything but that. Lex says the Senate would like it about as much as finding out about all the money he sent to Jabba's Cayman account last year. The Senator says that Project Ares is over. He's shutting it down. Not freaking out, Lex says, "That would be ill-advised." The Senator waddles forward. He tells Lex, in close-up, that "ill-advised" would be ever speaking of their arrangement. He threatens to have the committee examine every LuthorCorp business dealing of the last twenty years. He says Lex won't be able to keep that fancy shirt on his back. Don't worry. He's better naked. Jabba asks if they understand each other. Yes, since Lex speaks fluent Huttese. "Perfectly," Lex answers.

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