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The Senator leaves the room, which we see through the crack of a nearby open door. Lana is standing there, having eavesdropped on the whole conversation. She makes a "What should I do now?" face. The solution is to walk out of the scene. Good move!

New establishing shot from a different angle: The Daily Planet building dwarfed by the dark tower of LuthorCorp. We zoom toward the top of the LuthorCorp building. Inside, Papa Luthor is messing with his Dell laptop at his desk. He's watching the scary monster video from Patagonia. Isn't that on YouTube yet? Papa freezes the video right on a still image of the monster. It looks pretty furry. He scribbles on a piece of paper some lines on a Kryptonian symbol. The sheet of paper is full of them. Papa is really concentrating on that video. He lets it keep playing. Below a symbol of symmetric sets of two diamonds, two dots and two lines, he writes the word, "Mirror." The double glass doors open, allowing Clark Kent to enter the room. Hey! Welcome to the show, buddy! Wasn't sure if you were going to show up this week after the limited screentime you got in "Noir." Didn't Papa Luthor know Clark was in the building?

"We have to talk," Clark says, as Papa uncomfortably puts his business away. Papa tells Clark that he might want to try picking up the phone occasionally; it might be quicker. "Or, maybe not," he teases. "What do you know about Lana?" Clark asks. Jeez. Little. Pink. Annoying. Do we really need to elaborate? Papa chuckles and notes that letting go has never been one of Clark's strong points. Clark is really not amused. He says that telling the truth has never been one of Papa Luthor's. Papa asks what Clark is accusing him of doing this time. He sits down on a padded bench to pour himself some water. Clark tells Papa that Lana came to him the day of the wedding to say she wasn't going to go through with the marriage. Papa says she changed her mind. Clark thinks someone changed it for her. Papa says it's amazing what some people will do when they feel they have no other options. Clark nods, pretending he was able to compute that. Clark tells Papa Luthor that if he finds out Papa had something to do with Lana marrying Lex, that the gloves will come off. And then a second, rougher, heavier set of gloves will be worn! And they will point something fierce! "How do you like that option?" Clark asks, trying to sound like a bad-ass. Clark exits. Papa actually looks a bit worried.

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