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'Torso,' They Say

Back in the clock room, Lex and Teague are still playing swordfight. Clark, wearing his red jacket zipped up, pops into the room and sees them fighting. It looks like Lex is about to stab Teague in slow motion. Clark knocks the candlestick out of Lex's hand, sending it flying toward the clock. The clock masterpiece shatters. It's destroyed. Good one, Clark. Lex and Teague land on the floor. Clark is gone before they can see him. Neither knows what happened. "How'd you do that?" Lex asks. "I didn't," Teague says. "The Traveler," Lex guesses. A nun and priest finally show up. "What happened here?" the nun asks. Shenanigans happened, that's what. They ignore Lex as they go help Teague. Lex finds the small crest on the floor and takes it with him. He takes one last look at where the broken clock once stood.

Lex's plane. Lex, still looking fairly hurt, asks his Johnny whether "Milash" is back on U.S. soil. Oh, he's talking about Bela Lugosi. Johnny says he sent the guy back on a first-class commercial flight. Johnny asks if they won't be needing the guy in Scotland. "Not if you did your homework," Lex says. Johnny says the library only had one book on St. Kilda, a small island off the west coast of Scotland. "The clock," Lex says. He says the song it was playing was an old Scottish folk song, "Birks of St. Kilda." Lex says that his father made him play the song over and over when he was learning piano. "Birks means birches," Lex says. Johnny, who has been reading a book on the island, says that the whole area is a bird sanctuary now. He says that there was a small town built up around a castle, but that some rich American bought the castle and had it sent back to the U.S. The book doesn't name the wealthy American? It was Papa Luthor. Lex says his dad never found what he was looking for, but that it must be there in the castle. Lex wants the pilot to change course. They're not going to Scotland. They're going home.

Commercials. The last thing you need is a Pepsi with more caffeine and ginseng. You're hopped up enough as it is. Chill!

The Talon, next night. Chloe is now the one to arrive home way late. Jimmy is waiting for her with candles lit. Chloe smiles and says she was only gone 24 hours. Jimmy says he's celebrating because he just sold his first article. He says that Lex was pretty interested in a story about the symbols, not surprisingly since he has some on his chest. Is it really "selling" an article if you already work for the newspaper? Jimmy pours some champagne. Chloe asks what the article is about. He says it's "very Joseph Campbell, hero's journey and all that." They toast and drink. He says the article is about Naman and Sageeth and good versus evil. So the newspaper bought a story about some old-ass cave paintings that have been written about before? Awesome. Chloe says Clark wrote a paper about that in high school. Jimmy says that each of them has their own distinct symbols. He shows her an image. She asks why it looks like they're interconnected. Jimmy says he talked to a hieroglyphics expert who said it's common in primitive cultures to have the yin and yang of good and evil. "The hero-antihero conflict," Chloe says. No, that doesn't sound quite right. Jimmy says that what got Lex excited was that the image showing the two figures shows a resolution of that conflict. Chloe asks how you resolve a conflict that has existed since the beginning of mankind. Jimmy says that according to legend, the hero's journey ends with a final battle. Chloe asks who's supposed to win. Jimmy shakes his head. He doesn't know. Chloe gulps.

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