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'Torso,' They Say

Kent Farm, daytime. Chloe is in the barn showing Clark the cave drawing that she and Jimmy were talking about the night before. She says the writing is literally on the wall. Clark can't believe she's buying into this whole mythology business. Er, Clark, it's all come true. You're a dumb-ass if you think it's all just a coincidence. Chloe is convinced after the sacrificial altar thing. Clark says it wasn't a myth that tried to kill him, it was a man. Chloe says that man is still out there, thanks to Clark. As they both walk up to the loft, Clark says that on some twisted level, Teague thought he was doing the right thing. Teague thought he was protecting the world from Clark. Chloe says the world is doing fine. Clark says that as long as there's something out there that can control him, he's a threat. He was reminded how dangerous his powers are. Chloe says that's all the more reason Clark shouldn't have let Lex get away. Clark says Lex didn't have anything on him. He X-rayed him. Lex didn't even find what he was looking for. Chloe says that next time might be different. She knows Clark doesn't want to take Lex out, but that Lex wouldn't hesitate to destroy Clark. Clark turns back around from a very strange-looking tree. "What do you want me to do, Chloe... kill him?" Clark asks. Chloe doesn't answer. Clark says that if he did that, he'd just turn into Lex himself. Chloe says that whether Clark likes being on a pedestal or not, he's been put in a position where he'll have to play God eventually. Clark has to think about that. Can I just be the God of awesome red jackets?

Lair of Lex. A team of workers is scouring the mansion, looking for a clue that might be built into the manor. Lex tells Johnny that it's been 24 hours. He wants to know why they haven't found anything yet. He doesn't want excuses. He wants results. And more painkillers! Now! Johnny offers to bring in more men. Men? Awesome. Lex tells him to do that. He goes to the piano and starts playing the notes to "Birks of St. Kilda." He speaks the lyrics out loud: "On the shores of St. Kilda/The birks sway in the wind/From the left to the right again." Lex asks Johnny if the castle on St. Kilda faced west. No, it faced south. Lex stands up and positions himself to face the front of the mansion. He says if he turned right, he'd be facing the shore. "Above the heart of home shines the North Star," he continues, from the song. "Of course," Lex says. He just had a stroke of genius. He tells everyone to get out, now. Johnny helps shoo everyone out of the room. Lex walks to the fireplace. He takes out the tiny crest. He sees a matching diamond symbol atop the fireplace. Creepy gothic music starts to play as Lex grabs a small tool and starts to chip away at the symbol on the hearth. He picks up a larger hunk of metal and smashes it. Inside the compartment, there's a small sack, tied with a string. Lex opens it. It's a large, purple 20-sided die. It has a hole in it the size of the small crest. Lex pops the crest into it. The surface of it is the same shade of purple. The ball lights up and floats out of Lex's hand. It projects a sphere around itself. Lex watches. The sphere is a globe. The Earth. A red circle appears and pinpoints a spot way up in the North Pole. Lex moves his eyes away, now realizing where he must go next. And we go to black.

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