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'Torso,' They Say

A town car is driving through a storm. Lex and Bela are sitting in the back. Bela is still shaken up that somebody tried to kill him. Lex says he must have underestimated the cryptograph's value. Bela says, extremely slowly. "I'm not sorr-prieeeezed. Conseederink vot I found!" "Go on," Lex tells him. Yes, please do. I'm loving the accent. Bela says that the designer of the cryptograph leaves his artist signature. It's the Diamond Shamrock symbol with one extra diamond on the bottom. Seriously? He must have also had an interest in petroleum. Bela says the cryptograph was made by a renowned German watchmaker named Dietrich Brauer. "Dee" for short. Bela says excitedly that Brauer made timepieces for lots of nobility in Europe. One day, he went into seclusion. The rumor was that he was hired to make a magnificent clock. Lex thinks, "You did say 'Clock,' right? Just so there's no confusion." The clock was Brauer's masterpiece. Lex asks what the clock has to do with the cryptograph. Bela says the only known sketch of the clock disappeared during WWII. He says the sketch matches the cryptograph, "Exact-ally." Lex asks where the clock went. Bela tells him that it was lost for decades, but recently resurfaced when it was donated by a wealthy philanthropist. The donator: Dr. Swann. The location: St. Christopher's Cathedral in Montreal. Hey, we were just about to go there with Clark!

Outside the church. Clark checks his phone one more time to make sure there's not some other giant cathedral within the surrounding 50 feet. He goes up the steps. Inside, it's awfully beautiful. Lots of open air and stained glass. Clark walks down the center and comes to a large fountain. Inside, below the holy water, are Kryptonian symbols. "Cast your eye beneath the surface," Clark reads. Instead of sticking his eye into the water, which is what I would have done, Clark lifts the top half of the fountain and peeks underneath. Several more symbols on the bottom. Clark doesn't read those to us. "It appears you've found what you've been seeking," a man says. It's a monk (but not Tony Shaloub), in a full robe and hood. He's been expecting Clark. He walks slowly toward the Traveler, holding himself up with a cane. He says only one person could read the inscription and follow the instructions. "Who are you?" Clark asks. The man pulls back his hood. Hey, it's Robert Picardo, the robot doctor from Star Trek: Voyager! He says he's the last surviving member of Veritas. "Teague," Clark says. Teague gets on his knees. He says he's been waiting a lifetime to serve Clark. Uh... dirty? Teague closes his eyes and looks down. It's the Gayest Looking-Away of the Episode. Clark is not sure what to make of this at all. The stained glass windows behind him offer no advice.

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