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'Torso,' They Say

Lex's private plane. Lex is popping some painkillers for the massive exposed wound on his chest that the doctors didn't treat. Sadly, it's a little late to introduce a "Lex is addicted to prescription painkillers" subplot. Lex downs the pills with some Scotch, old-school-style and walks past Bela, who is messing with the pieces of the cryptograph on a tray. Lex tells Bela that they land in three hours and he hopes that's enough time for him to do his antique magic shit. Bela chooses this inopportune moment to have a meltdown. He takes off his glasses and says, "Zose guards are ded. I voz almost kilt. And I haff told you effrythink I know." He says Lex has practically abducted him. Practically? He asks what Lex has gotten him into. Lex, sweaty leaning back in his leather seat, suddenly regrets choosing the whiniest antiquities expert in the world to take on a long plane ride. Lex says he shouldn't concern himself with that. Bela goes further off the deep end. He complains that his life is in danger and that Lex won't let him go. (Would you like to get off the plane right now?" He says there's a good chance Lex will kill him before he gets off the plane. "So... vy shoot I help you?" Lex reminds him that he saved his life back there. Bela says that's only because Lex still needed him. He makes a little wiggly hand gesture toward the cryptograph. That's right, youngsters, learn from this man: It's ACTING! Stage business! Use your props! He says Lex is still needing him now. Lex is getting fed up. Bela tells him that in antiquities, providence is everything. Rhode Island is awful with antiquities. He says the story of how and why something was made is important. That's the true value of an item. Bela says that according to rumors, Brauer was hired by a secret society of wealthy patrons. He asks if Lex knows anything about that. Lex scoffs. Maybe it's the painkillers talking, because he decides to tell the truth. Lex says his father was one of them. Lex says his father was obsessed with one thing: Finding the truth at all costs. He picks up a piece of the cryptograph with his bandaged left hand as he speaks. "My father's obsession made me an orphan long before he died," Lex says. He did reach out to you in later years, but you pushed him away, you ungrateful jerk. Lex says he always wondered why. He thinks the cryptograph is going to give him the answer. Bela thinks, "Yeah, you didn't really tell me anything about the cryptograph, did you?" Bored, he puts on his magnifying glasses and gets back to work before Lex launches into another "poor me" story.

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