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'Torso,' They Say

Commercials. I have not seen Iron Man and that makes me sad.

The Cathedral, nighttime. Lex has found the clock. It's at the end of an ornate hallway, flanked by paintings. He takes the cryptograph out of a bag and approaches the clock. Its pendulum swings. Lex opens a panel at the top and sees some gears moving. He opens the cryptograph, which has some intricate workings inside a metal panel. He places it on the clock panel, where it locks into place. The decoder wheels spin to create the Veritas symbol. A song begins to chime as we CGI-travel into the clock and see its inner workings. Very pretty. We come out of that nice little animated journey to watch Lex. He's listening closely to the music and seems to recognize it. The hands of the clocks begin to go in opposite directions, finally landing on 1:55. A moon dial above the face of the clock spins clockwise, then suddenly the other way, revealing a gold-laced half circle with a small crest. The dark crest bears the white symbol of the clockmaker. Lex reaches out and takes the crest. He pockets the thing and turns. Teague is right there, waiting. "You're too late," he tells Lex. He says it's strange to see Lex without those little Warrior Angel figurines clutched in his hands. Lex recognizes the man. "Alive and well, no thanks to your father," Teague says. Teague already knows that Lex was responsible for his father's death. But he's sad that Lex shares his father's obsession. "Obsession?" Lex asks. "You're the one that did this." He opens his shirt to reveal his recent involuntary body art. Lex asks why the dude is trying to kill him. Teague says that the prophesies predicted that the Traveler would have a powerful adversary. He says he could never have predicted it would be "Little Alexander." They don't call me "little" anymore! Much! Lex asks about the Traveler's identity. Teague says it's irrelevant, but Lex says it means everything to him. Lex says that Teague has no idea what it's like living every day of your life like you're an afterthought. "I've sacrificed too much," Lex says. Oh, poor you. Teague says Lex's sacrifice has only begun. He says that if there's no Traveler, there can be no Destroyer. Lex pulls out a gun. Teague knocks it aside with his cane. He punches Lex. The two fight with whatever's around, including candlesticks. Action in the church! Holy moley!

We cut to another cathedral hallway where Chloe has suddenly shown up. Whaaa!? She finds Clark on the sacrificial tablet. "Clark!" she says. So basically this room is accessible enough that anyone can find it? Teague wasn't worried some random nun would stumble on some shirtless, bloody farmboy calling for help? Chloe pulls a giant metal cross off a nearby stand and uses it to smash the top of the tablet. The Kryptonite fluid leaks out and empties neatly from around Clark. Chloe seals the stone pot below. Clark, his strength back, is able to break his restraints as the wound on his chest heals. Clark asks how she got there. She used Oliver's jet. She says it's a fringe benefit of being a hero.

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