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Resident Weasel

Kent Farm, day time. The bright blues and yellows look so garish after all the desaturated blues and grays of Metropolis. Inside, Clark is cleaning out his wallet and comes across a picture of Lana. He gazes at it fondly. The corners are all careworn like he's been taking it out every night for the past eight years and snuggling it. After some consideration, he takes the picture to a photo album and affixes it to one of the pages. It's only closure because Kristin Kreuk has left the show, and not because Clark and Lana actually got a real ending to their story. Clark closes the photo album just as Lois lets herself into the house. She wants to apologize in case she tried to rip his head off. He jokes that she had a "pretty mean left hook." And a downright evil halitosis, I'm guessing. "I don't remember that," she says, "but I do remember seeing a whole new side of Clark Kent." She calls him a hero. Clark beams: "And I wasn't even wearing red and blue." He's going to totally rub the sock puppet's nose in this later. Lois, for no real reason, tells him, "Well, you got a long ways to go before you can do that." He smiles. She smiles. It's smiles all around. They agree they make a pretty good team. Then Lois teases Clark because he never did tell her his secret. He looks panicked for a moment before she lets him off the hook: "Relax, Smallville." I think she tries to slap his arm or pat him on the shoulder, but he catches her wrist and holds it. They stare at each other for eons until Lois tells him to "keep the mystery." She heads out the door, but pauses on the porch and looks a little queasy. Yeah, those heavy-handed CLARK-N-LOIS-4-EVAH!!! scenes make me a little urpy, too. Oh, wait -- she's having another one of her visions of the future. Sex with Clark, Oliver digging, dead Chloe, Tess kneeling before Zod, etc. Lois snaps back to the present, panting and moving her eyes around. After a moment, she steps off the porch. Clark watches her from the door, frowning. Why is he frowning? Who knows! Maybe people pausing for two seconds outside a door just freaks him out a little. Maybe he can hear the suddenly ominous music that's playing. I don't know!

You'd think the episode was over now, but you'd be wrong. Dr. Coats lets himself into a grungy warehouse somewhere. He's traded in his white doctorly coat for something that makes him look like he couldn't decide whether to join the military or Stomp. Zod's familiar voice greets him from the shadows. Zod, getting good use of his library card, goes on to say, "Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth." Coats drops down into a kneeling salute as Zod walks towards him. So he was faking being a doctor, the little weasel. Zod lays a hand on his shoulder and Coats stands up, looking like he's going to pee himself. Zod fishes Coats's dog tags from around his neck. He holds them in his hand. Coats starts to explain something, but Zod interrupts him: "And the truth is, you've become reckless, haven't you?" He uses the same tone one might use while gently scolding a misbehaving puppy, if one were a genocidal psychopath. Zod clarifies for those of us who haven't caught on yet that Coats is the one who unleashed the virus. He yanks Coats's dog tags from around his neck. Zod flaps his lips around and asks if Coats has lost his foresight. "I did it for our survival," Coats explains. Zod says the humans will hunt them when they discover the virus's true origin. Zod circles around behind Coats. Coats turns to face him and thinks that the humans won't have the chance, because he's found the secret to their lost abilities. He shows Zod a piece of paper with Clark's fancy S symbol on it. Zod takes it and looks like he wants to simultaneously cry and barf. "Jor-El... he survived," he says, mistaking the symbol's origins. Coats says Jor-El didn't just survive, but judging by all the "miraculous saves" around the city, he also has super powers. Zod thinks this means Jor-El is keeping all the powers for himself while leaving Zod and his men defenseless. Coats explains that he released the virus to uncover Jor-El. For a moment, Zod looks pleased. "Were you successful?" he asks. Er... well, not exactly. But he has a vial of Clark's blood antidote! He gives Zod the vial so they can use it to track Jor-El. "I trust you see the risk was worth it," Coats says. Zod compliments him for "stepping outside the boundaries of his station." Coats beams and practically rocks back on his heels with pride. "Kneel," Zod commands quietly. Coats obliges with a smile.

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