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Resident Weasel

Zod somehow is suddenly holding a two-foot-long sword behind his back. In a flash of either needlessly artistic camera work or heretofore hidden super powers, Zod raises the sword and then slashes downward. There's a wet, meaty sound and then a thud. Lying on the ground are the two pieces of Coats formerly known as a whole body. Zod, looking somewhat shaken, spreads his arms slightly and lifts his gaze heavenward like he's expecting the Quickening. Instead, the screen just goes black.

You know, I waffled over the episode grade for a while. I wanted to give it a B for the zombies, because they looked pretty cool and I just like zombies whether they're the traditional shuffling eat-your-brains type or the rage-filled Danny Boyle type. Then I wanted to give the Zod bit at the end an A, because I loves me some Zod. But then I remember all the little failures of logic, and the clunky relationship moments that grind any forward motion to a halt, and I want to give the episode a D. Plus, the "mystery" surrounding the virus that I liked upon the first watch seemed less of a focus than I initially thought. I'm going to average things out and call it a C+. Not the worst episode in the world, but could have been much better.

If Tippi were infected by a zombie virus, she would still diligently turn in her recaps. But she probably wouldn't spell-check them first. You can contact her at

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