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Resident Weasel

Daily Planet. Lois and Oliver are still in the elevator. "You're a mess," Lois tells him quietly. He knows. He pops some pills while Lois looks at him sadly. Hey, how about giving some speed to the woman you're trying to keep awake? He walks over to a reflective plate in the elevator wall, turning his back to Lois like he's about to make a tearful confession in a soap opera. Which I guess he is, actually. He gazes at himself in the shiny metal. Yes, your manly stubble is coming in quite nicely. "Why don't you tell me I'm full of it, Lois, like you always used to?" OK, at this point he should know something is horribly wrong, because Lois is being quiet for once. Instead, Oliver stares at himself some more and then whispers, "God, I miss you." Your reflection misses you, too, hot stuff. He misses his days together with Lois and thinks she feels the same. Finally he turns to look at her. She's slumped over. He shakes her awake and she raises red eyes to look at him. She snarls and shoves him across the elevator. Instead of killing him, she escapes through the top of the elevator, growling unintelligibly like a pre-menstrual yeti.

Now we're back to where we started, with Clark waking up at the Watchtower. Just go back and read the first paragraph because it's the exact same scene.

Above cloudy skies, the Queen Industries private jet is zooming along. Inside, Emil studies a map of Metropolis and says that the antidote has permeated the water supply. Chloe thinks that's great for all the people who are taking a shower (because zombies love to be clean?), but... "What about the rest of us?" Emil says that's why they're "seeding" the clouds with antidote. "It should be able to create a curative precipitation to blanket the city." Chloe hits a few keys on a computer and from nozzles on the underside of the jet, a crappy CGI rendering of red mist sprays out. They keep calling it an "antidote" but I'm pretty sure that's just Clark's blood, or mostly just blood. Gross. Back inside the jet, Emil offers to shake Chloe's hand, saying, "In the event that anything goes wrong, I just want you to know your contributions have been appreciated." Chloe looks down at his hand with the "WTF" expression it deserves. She doesn't shake his hand: "Nothing's going wrong." Emil snorts that he knows why Oliver had such faith in her: "He finally met someone who's a match for his confidence." He turns away and adds, "It's probably no surprise that you were the one to betray him." Chloe wants an explanation for why Emil would say that. I have one: Emil has the social grace of a flatulent water buffalo. Emil says Chloe's been tracking Oliver and the rest of the League. I guess she somehow magically put that camera on his belt buckle despite not seeing him for weeks. Chloe realizes Emil's been snooping around Watchtower. Emil wants to know why Chloe's spying on them. She tells him, basically, that it's for their own good. Someone has to protect them because they're all self-indulgent whiners and babies. She's nicer about it than that, though. They're the worst at taking care of themselves, she says, but they're the ones the world needs the most. Emil and his mutton chops mull this over. "I assume that no one else knows about this?" he asks. It's Chloe's secret, she says. She questions if Emil can keep it. "I guess you'll just have to trust me," he says. Chloe doesn't look so sure about that.

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