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Smack Talk

Clark and Chloe show up at the lab. Everything is dark. Things are in disarray. They see LabLady lying on the floor. She's dead. Chloe says the place has been pillaged. Clark can't believe Oliver would do this. Chloe says it wasn't Oliver. She sees a green arrow way up on a wall. Chloe assumes that Green Arrow was the murderer. Clark opens up a metal panel on the wall. He finds folders from a halfway house in Metropolis. Oh, give me a fucking break. Clark used his X-ray vision to find some folders? Were they bright orange in his view with the word "CLUES!" on them? Clark, in two seconds, has figured out that the doctor was giving residents the same drug that Oliver was taking. I didn't know ESP was one of Clark's powers. Chloe says that Lex's foundation funds the halfway house. Clark thinks that Lex co-opted the scientist. Chloe still thinks the Green Arrow is responsible. Clark thinks Lex might be the next target.

Stately Luthor Manor, nighttime. A shooting star passes over the castle. Lana is sitting by the fire, looking nauseous and sad. She's still wearing all black. Clark enters the room, uninvited. He's standing behind Lana. "Sorry," he says. Lana doesn't turn. Clark says that he's looking for Lex. Oh, go do your awful sexy gay things! Leave me be! Lana says Lex isn't here. Also? Dave's not home, man. Clark asks if she's all right. Lana says she's fine even though she's crying. Clark says she doesn't look fine. He says she can talk to him. Uh, no she can't, dude. It's way weird. Lana asks if Clark ever wishes he could go back in time and everything would be different. He sort of can. "All the time," Clark tells her. Lana gulps. Clark puts a hand on her back and asks what happened. Lana pulls away. Clark asks what Lex did. Lana says he didn't do anything. Except her. Clark says that if she's in trouble, he can help. Lana says this has nothing to do with him. "Could you please just go?" she asks. She wants to cry some more. Clark leaves her side. He glances back before he goes.

Commercials. All right, I admit it. I like the V CAST pixie lady. That she drinks coffee is just icing on the cute cake.

Metropolis at night. Overly dangerous-sounding music is playing. Lex and an associate are walking down a dark hallway. As Lex waits for an elevator, his lackey says that a car is waiting for him. We hear the sound of an arrow thwunking -- it hits Lex's lackey right in the back. He falls. Green Arrow is standing at the other end of the hall. "Work's not over yet," he tells Lex. He raises his crossbow and aims at our bald baddie.

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