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Smack Talk

What looks like Papa Luthor's office. A piece of paper is laid on the desk. "What is this?" Lex asks. Green Arrow is aiming an arrow right at Lex's face. Green Arrow says that the contract Lex is to sign will divide his assets among the fifty global charities on the form. Yeah, like that's gonna hold up in court. Lex can just say he signed under duress and at crossbow-point. Lex asks what he's done to deserve this. Green Arrow says that after Lex's "lofty" support of the Second Chance Halfway House, he found out what Lex and the doctor were doing to the residents. Lex says he was lied to. Green Arrows tells Lex that the doctor is now dead. I guess you could blame the drugs, but why did he leave an arrow at the scene of the crime? Green Arrow accuses Lex of killing the doctor to cover his tracks. "You're delusional," Lex says. Green Arrow points his crossbow closer. "Sign it," he insists. Lex opens up a pen and does so. Or at least he tries, but he shakes the pen. Green Arrow asks what he's doing. Lex says it's out of ink.

Just then, Lex pulls a silver gun from under the desk and draws it quickly. "Drop it!" Lex yells. Green Arrow steps back, but doesn't drop his weapon. Lex asks what's faster -- an arrow or a bullet. The camera focuses from Lex's face to the gun and from the arrow to Green Arrow's face. Lex hasn't figured out that it's Oliver yet? I can understand Lois's stupidity, but I can't believe Lex hasn't put the pieces together. Green Arrow says there's only one way to find out. Slow pulling of triggers. They both fire. The bullet and arrow fire past one another in CGI slow motion. Both men are shot and each of them falls back. Smart, guys.

Green Arrow's mask falls off. Oliver breathes hard. He uncaps a syringe and injects himself. Clark finally shows up. He sees Oliver. He also sees Lex lying across the room. "What have you done?" Clark asks Oliver. Oliver says that Lex pulled a gun and that he had no choice. Clark goes to Lex. Lex has an arrow in his chest. Blood has trickled out of his mouth. Clark calls Lex's name. Oliver, already standing, tells Clark to let nature take its course. Clark says that's the drugs talking, not Oliver. That's weird because it sounded just like Oliver. Oliver says the drug is the best thing that's ever happened to him. He says he's not bulletproof like Clark and that he has to do whatever it takes. Clark grabs Oliver roughly. "You're not a killer!" Clark barks. Oliver says that Lex is; the world is a better place without him. Clark hesitates, then says that it's not up to them to decide whether Lex dies.

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