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Smack Talk

The Talon apartment. Chloe is putting some crinkly brown flowers into a table centerpiece. It's festive in a dead leaf sort of way. There's a knock at the door. Chloe answers it. It's Lana wearing a heavy white coat with black flaps. Chloe asks if she's feeling any better. Chloe pulls out a folder and says that she did some "due diligence" on the halfway house for Lana. Lana interrupts to say she's not there to talk about the halfway house. A simple "thanks" for having Chloe doing your research for you would suffice, Lana. Chloe's confused. She says there are some things Lana should know about Lex. Lana says that she doesn't want to hear anything more about Lex. "I can't," Lana says. Chloe asks what's going on. Lana looks town. Her lip trembles (the bottom one). "Chloe. I'm pregnant," Lana says. Next, on a very special Smallville: when young people have sex on TV one time, it always leads to pregnancy. Always! Especially when it's super-special evil seed from the gonads of Lex Luthor. I predict the name of the baby will be "Lollipop" and the child will be spear bald. That's gonna be one fun childhood. Chloe is about to say something but instead she hugs Lana. They stand in the apartment, hugging. Lana cries.

What, no EPT commercial? I'm disappointed.

Kent Farm. The cows are asking, "Has anybody seen Clyde the turkey? Anybody? I swear, he was just here earlier this week. I'm sure he'll turn up by Friday." And then, we're inside the Casa de Kent. Lois puts down on the counter her crappy Ass Goulash confection. Clark, for once wearing a nice dress shirt, asks, "Did you cook that on the barbecue?" Ha. Nice one, Clark. Lois says that it's crispy on the outside, but it's what's on the inside that counts. Cold, cold beets and strained beef stew in marshmallows. MamaKent lies: "I'm sure it's delicious." She asks Clark to put the hot plate on the table. Clark asks if Lois has talked to Oliver. "Don't go there, Smallville," she says. Take away the comma and I think it's advice we could all take. The doorbell rings. Clark says he thinks that's for Lois. She just says, "hm," and then goes to answer it.

Chloe tells Clark that she just talked to Jimmy, who is at his mother's house. Chloe tells Clark that Jimmy told her the killer of the doctor was arrested and it wasn't the Green Arrow; it was someone from the halfway house. Chloe helps set a very long table with silverware. Clark thinks Lex is somehow behind the murder. Chloe doesn't think it's provable. She says Lex's shredders are probably working overtime right now. Clark asks if Lana knows about this. Clark says that he went to the mansion and Lana was upset about something and wonders whether she's all right. Chloe, looking wounded, says she's fine as far as she knows. Clark doesn't seem to believe Chloe.

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