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Smack Talk

On the street, serious gunplay.

Up in Oliver's place, he pulls the hood up of his costume and puts on sunglasses. Do these shades make me look cool? You can tell me. We have lots of time.

On the street: a violent encounter! This couple is very scared.

Upstairs. Oliver finally grabs a weapon. Maybe one that can shoot arrows?

Street level: the innocent man is on his knees. Things don't look good for him.

Upstairs. Oliver is looking great! He zips up his green leather vest. Stylin'! The sliding doors close behind him.

Street. Pistol whipping. One thug points his gun at the couple and asks if they want some of this. "They don't," Green Arrow says helpfully, "but I do." Yes, the gunshot is an acquired taste. Green Arrow is pointing his crossbow at the criminal holding the gun. He shoots the guy in the chest. The couple scrambles to their feet and runs. The other thug gets in the couple's car and tries to drive off. Green Arrow steps up to what appears to be the top of a building in about two seconds, slowly aims his arrow, then fires. The arrow breaks a window, hits the driver, and causes him to crash. Don't drink and drive. Or drive and get arrowed.

Oliver's abode. Lois has changed from her slinky high heels into some clunky black high heels. She walks down the stairs, purring, "Oliverrrr." She's wearing only a men's shirt. Yes, we do like this, ladies. She calls a few more times. Lois says that she's open minded, but hide-and-seek isn't really her game. "You win!" she calls out, "Ollie Ollie, whatever whatever!" Ugh. She paces back and forth in a very, very wide shot. She says this isn't funny. Or interesting, really. She buttons up the shirt. Is she planning on leaving with it still on? "Good one, Lois," she tells herself.

Downstairs, Oliver tells the crashed criminal that the cops will have the key after he handcuffs the dude to the steering wheel. Oliver backs out the car that he was leaning into. "Surprise!" says the other criminal, who is holding a gun behind Oliver. He fires. The shot hits Oliver right in the chest. Green Arrow falls to his knees. Somehow he still falls on his back. The camera cranes up as we look down on his body. Sad music plays. Blood pools around him. Ollie Ollie bloody bloody!

Opening credits. Commercials. I wish I could get that excited about listening to songs on a phone at the supermarket.

Kent Farm. A windmill spins. MamaKent and Clark enter the house, leaving the door wide open as they enter. No danger that Shelby will run out because we haven't seen Shelby in a damn long time. Clark is carrying two bags of groceries and MamaKent is carrying one. Still, Clark says they have enough food to feed a small army. A small army of ants? MamaKent says that she thought she'd like to invite some people over for Thanksgiving this year. "Actually, I was hoping we could keep it low-key," says Clark. Because you're such awesome dinner company. Clark says that he's not feeling very thankful this year. Ungrateful, much? MamaKent says she knows it'll be a hard day, especially after what happened to Raya, but she says company could help. What, exactly, did they do with Raya's body? Did they just leave her up in the Fortress? If not, how did they explain her to the authorities? Clark, wearing a blue t-shirt, says that Thanksgiving was Bo's holiday and that he carved the turkey. He kind of was a turkey, but we loved him anyway. Clark removes carrots from the bag. You live on a farm and you're buying carrots at the supermarket? No wonder you guys can't make this place profitable. MamaKent says she can carve this year. Clark says that Bo was the one who made them all say what they were thankful for. Bo was always thankful that the platitudes were plentiful and pretty. Clark says that Bo always made him say he was thankful for his abilities, but Clark says that Bo was wrong. Oh, you fucking whiny, pathetic DINK! Just quit feeling so sorry for yourself! You call yourself a superhero? You're a super pain in the ass is what you are. "If I was normal, he'd still be here," Clark says. Yeah, but you wouldn't. "...carving the turkey with grandpa's old carving knife," Clark mopes. What about MamaKent's dad? Won't he ever show up again?

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