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Smack Talk

Lana asks Chloe whether she can check something out for her before they head for lunch. "My Google is your Google," Chloe tells her. She asks what Lana needs. Lana, wearing what looks like a black top from the Kids' Witch Collection at Kay Bee Toys, asks about the halfway house. She says Lex told her it wasn't safe. Chloe says most of them aren't exactly amusement parks. Lana thinks Lex has been a little secretive lately and that there's more to the story. Chloe seems to have gotten a haircut, but it'll grow back in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Chloe tells Lana that she's being cautious and smart. She asks if Lana is all right. Lana's eyes are rolling back in her head. She faints and falls in front of Chloe's desk. Chloe goes to help her. "What happened?" Lana asks, rising. Chloe says she fainted. She offers to get Lana to a doctor, but Lana tells Chloe not to worry and if she can keep this incident a secret.

Clock tower, night. The clock has weird, ugly red and blue neon colors on its face at night. Oliver's inside, wearing most of his Green Arrow duds. He turns on his video screen and sees footage of the guy who shot him. The screen goes to static when the shot is fired. Oliver takes two RL65 vials with him as he gathers his things. Just then, Lois walks in. She sees Green Arrow, now wearing the hoodie and the arrow pack, seemingly rummaging through Oliver's desk. Green Arrow grabs a cross bow. Lois tries to be sneaky. She grabs a huge barbell and comes up behind him. She cracks him right across the shoulder. Ow! Green Arrow pushes Lois back and she lands through the glass desk just like Lex fell through a glass desk last week. Must have been a two-for-one prop sale. Green Arrow, wearing sunglasses, tries to explain. Lois tells him to get away. She says she'll rip his green head off, and that she's calling the cops. Lois pulls out her cell phone. Green Arrow runs away. A damn lot of Lois's pelvis is exposed from those low-slung jeans. She grabs at her back. Her hand comes away bloody. Lois tells the 911 operator that she needs an ambulance. She asks them to hurry. Apparently, it doesn't go without saying.

Commercials. The Air Force wants you to fly some sweet planes. My dad was in the Air Force and I mostly remember him working at a desk, but I'm sure some people do get to fly around. Maybe they'll let you fly a desk!

A dark and scary medical exam room. If all doctors' offices looked like this, we wouldn't have to worry much about health care premiums. Everyone would just stay home and buy leeches. A doctor asks Lana, who is wearing a hospital gown, if she's fainted before. She says that she's done it three times in the last month. The doctor asks if the headaches she's been having have been sharp or dull. "Sharp, like a knife." Lana says. Not dull like this episode? Lana says that it's getting worse. Soon, the headaches will rob her of the desire to gather nuts for the winter. Lana says she's tried all the over-the-counter pain relievers, but none of them work. What twenty-year-old says, "Over-the-counter pain relievers?" Does she work for GlaxoSmithKline? The doctor says that with a few more tests, they'll have a clear picture. Lana looks even more worried. She can't deal with having a clear picture.

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