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Smack Talk

Papa Luthor, sleeves rolled up, is sitting at his desk looking at a book full of Kryptonian symbols and drawings. The doors to his office open and MamaKent is standing there, looking like a gajillion bucks. Tax free! Papa Luthor, wearing suspenders, stands. "Martha!" he says. He closes the book and greets her warmly, clearly delighted to see her. He says he's glad she's here and that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about what happened. All right, all right, Papa Luthor. I don't usually have to tell you this, but man, you gots to play it coooool. Brutha. MamaKent flashes a small smile as he stumbles. He says that he wants to apologize. MamaKent tells him she didn't come here for an apology. She came here for some Magnificent Lovin'! I knew it! She tells him he did nothing wrong. "I did," he says, "I had no right to presume that I could --" before she cuts him off. MamaKent says simply, "There's something between us." She says neither of them knows what it is, but she's not ready to find out. "Not yet," she adds. Aw. Boo. Papa Luthor blinks. Nods. Deflates a bit in his pants. "I understand," he says. But if you don't mind, he needs to run to the bathroom to explain it to his Magnificent Member. MamaKent says she doesn't think he does understand. "I value our relationship," she tells him, "I really want you to be with me for Thanksgiving." And bring your turkey waddle underwear. Papa says that in that case, of course he'll be there. He takes her hand and chuckles. MamaKent smiles. He is so totally her bitch right now.

Smallville Medical Center. You didn't think we'd have an episode without this place, did you? Lois is lying down in an exam room. Clark walks in without knocking and asks what happened. Lois says that she walked in on Green Arrow doing a "Reverse-Santa Claus" on Oliver's apartment. She says it was only a matter of time before the Green Arrow struck at Oliver. She says she managed to get a few hits in of her own and that the guy will be nursing a cracked rib, at least. Clark asks if she's talked to Oliver or if he's visited. Lois says no. She says that she tried him on all his phone numbers. Lois tells Clark she's nervous, because Oliver is either on a crazy drug bender or the Green Arrow has gotten to him. Clark says not to worry and that he'll do everything he can to track him down. "Yeah, that'll be a big help," Lois says, in her most assholeish tone, "I'll just call Chloe." Just to be an even bigger ass, she starts dialing right in front of Clark.

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