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Smack Talk

Overhead view of the streets of Metropolis. Thunderous music plays. The thug who shot Oliver is climbing out of a window onto a rooftop. He's carrying a big bag. "I'll take that," says Green Arrow, in his goofy deep voice. He's been standing there waiting. The Skeet Ulrich-like Thug says he put a bullet in Green Arrow's chest. "Now you're gonna pay for it," Green Arrow answers. The guy tries to swing, but Green Arrow throws him down. He whips out the crossbow and points it at Skeet. "I don't think so," Skeet says. He runs to the ledge and swan dives right off the roof. Green Arrow walks to the edge and looks down. Skeet is lying down on street level.

We go down there and see Skeet get up, his bones and flesh cracking back into shape. Skeet stands up. Green Arrow is already there to grab him, and throws him against a fence, punches him in the kidney, and asks how he survived the fall. "Yoga!" Skeet replies. Hey, I like this guy. Green Arrow. asks whom the thug is working for and threatens to call the cops. Skeet says that he'll call anyway, so Green Arrow threatens him with pain. After just two weak punches, Skeet is ready to talk. He says there's a doctor at the halfway house who gives them vitamin shots. "That's some kinda vitamin, huh?" Skeet asks. Green Arrow gruntingly asks for the doctor's name. Skeet doesn't know.Green Arrow asks what the doctor looks like. Skeet says the doctor is a chick. Well, that narrows it down.

Lair of the LabLady. She's disposing of vials in a medical waste dumpster. Every time she drops a tube into the thing, it flashes with blue electricity. The camera pans over and we see Lex standing nearby in a black suit. "Waste not, want not," he says. He asks whether she has a bad batch. LabLady says that the project is shut down. Lex says he may have come into the game late, but that he's paying them a lot more than Oliver Queen. The LabLady says that she's the one shutting this down. She doesn't care about Lex's rivalry. Lex says that this research has become a personal cause for him. LabLady says that she won't contribute to any more violence. "You should have thought about that when you took my money," Lex tells her. LabLady says she was blinded by greed, but now that people are being hurt, money's not a factor. She says she'll start from scratch and that all existing RL65 will be destroyed. Noooo! Lex says he's sorry but he can't let her do that. He gets up in her space.

Daily Planet newsroom. Clark comes in to visit Chloe. She asks how Lois is doing. She couldn't visit herself? I guess it's all the way in Smallville. Wait, why did they take Lois all the way to the Smallville hospital when she got hurt in Metropolis? I really hate the way characters have to shuttle back and forth on this show. Just settle on a location and stick with it. Quit pussyfooting around about closed-down university dorms and apartments above coffee houses in Smallville. Clark says that Lois is physically fine, but that she's looking for Oliver. Chloe says this might help: her friend analyzed what was in the syringe. It's not a narcotic; it's a molecular modifier that has to do with tissue regeneration. The Kleenex people are going to kill for this! Chloe says it can heal, but that it also affects a part of the brain called the amygdala. Gesundheit. She says it can trigger violent and aggressive behavior. Chloe asks why Oliver would be injecting that stuff. Clark doesn't know, but he plans to find Oliver before he does something regrettable. Clark asks who created the drug. Chloe finds the name Pamela Black, a former Princeton professor who is working with Queen Industries. Clark knows where to go next.

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