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Ash Tuesday

Lana and Clark in the bleachers. She asks how Lex got the team to do his bidding. Well, Papa Luthor owns the team. End of story. Lana says it's weird since she didn't think Lex liked Jocko. Clark says it's because Lex has become part of their lives. "You asked him, didn't you?" Lana asks. Oy. Scary makeup/lighting moment. Clark says being friends with Lex can be complicated, but it has its advantages. Fisting, for example. Lana kisses Clark on the cheek. Right there. In front of everybody. If I were Jocko, I'd go kick Clark's ass, just to make my dad even more proud of me. And then I'd give Lana the back of my hand. Don't you ever disrespect me like that! Fine. I'm all bluff. But still. That's just wrong. Clark asks what that was for. Lana says it's for Clark being who he is. Niiiiice. Time to make a withdrawal at the First National Bank of Poontang, Clark. Lana gets up and leaves. Guess this means you'll have to make a solo ATM run, Clark.

Our mopey superhero goes over to where Bo is standing. He apologizes. Bo interrupts him. He says the fishing trips weren't about fishing. They were about selling Amway. And spending time with his son. Bo says he and his father saw each other every day, but never really talked. He doesn't want history to repeat itself. Except for that part in history when the two-headed cow was born. That was fucking awesome. Clark says he doesn't want that either. They hug. Then they walk down the bleachers. Clark says he knows how they can catch more fish this year. "More lures?" Bo asks. "X-ray vision," Clark answers. Bo laughs. Cheap. Ass. Ending.

Next week: Who the Hell knows? The trailer is about as revealing as an overcoat in the Ukraine. Guess we'll just have to see. Check you out then.

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