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Ash Tuesday

The Talon. Lana is serving up drinks because she obviously never has to go to school anymore. Clark is at a table reading a fishing magazine with lots of boring-looking pictures. Lex walks up behind Clark and comments on the fishing mag. Clark mentions that he and his dad have an annual fishing trip. "Of course you do," Lex says, a little condescendingly. Lex says he and his dad went on a fishing trip once. They were the bait in a cage for some great whites in Australia. Fun! Lex says he only went because his dad thought he wouldn't. They never went on another father-son trip again. Tired of Lex's stories yet? I never thought I'd see the day. Clark says he wishes they could do something besides fishing. Lex offers two skybox tickets for a Metropolis Sharks football game. Clark says his dad has been following the team. "Problem solved," Lex says, and gets up. Clark sighs deeply. Yep. Lex afterglow.

At the counter, Lana is shedding the fakest tears in the history of acting. Somewhere James Lipton is stabbing his own heart with a sharpened note card. Clark comes over to see what's wrong. Lana can't open her eyes because her fake tears make her heavy mascara glue her lids shut. She says it was Jocko Whitney's mom. Jocko's dad had another heart attack. Another one? Is he one of the Chicago Bears superfans from SNL?

Bo in the barn wearing big goggles and doing some acetylene torching. Bo gets a tap on the shoulder. He spins and it's Dominic, holding his hands up and acting all surprised that he almost got the rest of his hair torched off. Bo points out the obvious folly in sneaking up on someone with a torch. Or especially a whole town full of torch bearers. Just look where it got Frankenstein's monster. Dominic introduces himself. His last name is "Senatori." Oh, geez. Dominic tells Bo that he works for Papa Luthor and that he's following up on a research project Lex instigated. Bo tries to beg off. Dominic brings up the Lex/Clark Porsche-and-bridge crash that started it all in the pilot episode. He says that Lex has been researching the accident since it happened and he wants to see if Bo knows why. Bo says it was just an accident and that Clark saved Lex. End of story. Dominic wants to know why Lex commissioned an in-depth profile into Clark and his family. Here's where Bo suddenly looks serious and scared. Both men stare. "I have no idea," Bo finally says. Dominic starts to leave. Bo asks, just out of curiosity, what the research findings were. Dominic turns as he leaves, but doesn't answer. That sneaky Senatori!

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