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Ash Tuesday

Clark and Lana at the hospital where yet another very dark patient room exists with no visible light. Jocko's dad asks if it's Jocko. Lana says it's Clark. JockoDad asks for his son and says he hasn't seen him yet. Lana says he'll be there soon. Clark asks Lana quietly where Jocko is. Lana says she doesn't know. JockoDad falls asleep.

Kent kitchen. Bo is at a table playing with his fishing equipment. Mostly he's just spinning the thing that holds the fishing line. Clark comes in. Bo asks about JockoDad. "You remember this?" Bo says, and points a fishing rod at Clark. Clark remembers it as his first fishing rod. Before he found he could just catch fish with his supersped-up hands. Bo remembers he had to pry the rod from Clark's hands just to get him to go to sleep at night. Aw, Bo's so cute in this scene. Clark asks what Bo would think about sitting in a skybox watching the football game on Sunday. Bo says, "I'd say the milk river's changed quite a bit." Huh? Bo asks if Lex arranged all this. Bo brings up the unexpected visit he had that morning from Dominic. Clark says he knew about the investigation but that Lex promised it was all in the past. Bo gets mad that Clark knew all this time and never mentioned it. Bo rants about not being able to protect his son if he doesn't know what's going on. Clark pouts that he doesn't need protection. "Stop treating me like a kid!" Clark suddenly says, right into Bo's face. On the verge of tears, Clark says he's not seven anymore and that he doesn't even like fishing and only does it to make Bo happy. You just broke your poor Pappy's heart, boy. Bo indeed looks like he's going to cry. Awkward moment. Clark backs up and says that didn't come out right. "No, son, I think it did," Bo says. What an assy way to end things, Pappy.

Mrs. Sykes' nursing home room. Somebody's sneaking in. Oh, man, Ash was serious! He's going to bed her like she's Martha Raye! Pepper, who was on the bed, starts barking. "Pepper?" Mrs. Sykes calls out. We see a hand move toward the dog and then Pepper's barking stops in a muffled whine. No! Not Pepper! Noooooo! Ash Espado walks in. "I brought you a white rose," he says to Mrs. Sykes, who begins coughing. He hands her a glass of water. She wheezes. Ash kneels by the bed. He asks if she doesn't wish sometimes that her pain would just end. "Oh. Yes," she says. "I can't go on. Not like this." Ash says it'll all be over soon as sad death music plays. He takes his hand. Puts it on hers. Her hand turns dark. We pan up to her face which is being covered with CGI darkness too. She turns to ash on her pillow. Overhead shot of said ashening. We go to commercial. For Wendy's. How appetizing after watching someone get ashified.

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