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Kent Farm. Bo walks into the barn. "Senator Jonathan Kent," says a very bastardous gent up in the loft. Papa Luthor, holding a folder, says that he didn't expect Bo do duck out of his victory party, but Papa showed up nevertheless -- alone, as Bo requested. Bo roughly takes off his jacket and tells Papa Luthor to come down and face him. He even calls him a son of a bitch. Wow! He is mad with power! Papa pretends to shiver, and tells Bo he should learn a little tact. Is that one of those things you push in with your thumb? Fuck that. Bo is a man. He uses nails and hammers! Bo asks Papa to cut the crap. He says he knows about the campaign funds, but also knows he's going to pay Papa back. Didn't you get Bo's check? You should...uh...wait a few days before you deposit it. No reason! It's totally cool. You know. Just deposit it...whenever. Next week. Papa asks how long Bo's virtuous stance is going to last when he's in office. Bo tells Papa Luthor, right to his face, that he doesn't have a puppet. Papa Luthor decides not to bring up his ventriloquist's dummy, Li'l Bastard. Papa says he should hope he didn't put his clout and money behind someone who could be anyone's puppet. He hilariously smacks Bo on the chest with his folder and says he envisions this relationship as a partnership. "The day you and I become partners...," Bo starts to threaten. "Careful, careful, careful, Senator," Papa purrs, interrupting.

Papa walks away and opens his expensive folder. He says that he and Bo share a common interest. Karaoke? Papa takes out a photo and holds it to his chest. He says that both he and Bo would protect this secret with their lives. Papa says that he has nothing but respect for a man who would hurl himself into the limelight with "such a...dangerous...secret. That must stay hidden." Oh, he's good. I mean bad. Papa hands over the photo. Bo is stunned. He gulps. He crumples up the photo. Damn you, Kodak! "I won't let you destroy my family," Bo says darkly. Bo can do that just fine on his own, thanks. He takes a quick swing at Papa Luthor. We even hear the whoosh. Bo grabs Papa Luthor and throws him over a large work area. Papa goes flying. Wow! Bo tosses a piece of wood around for no reason. He circles around as Papa Luthor gasps on the floor. "We can withstand anything you bring down on us," Bo says, "because we have each other." As Papa Luthor struggles for air and unties his tie, Bo says that's what will always separate the Kents from the Luthors. That and gobs of money. "Now why don't you get..." Bo starts, but stops as something pains him. I'm going to really lose it if he says "Narm!" Bo gasps and swallows hard. "Now why don't you get the hell off my property?" he asks Papa Luthor. Bo staggers off as Papa continues to breathe deeply. Bo walks slowly and deliberately. He stops at a post as we see lights bleed into the barn. The camera pans down to the crumpled photo. Papa Luthor grabs it. He doesn't have a copy at home?

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