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A car arrives at the farm. MamaKent and Clark are in it. They see Bo walk out of the barn. "What's your dad doing here?" MamaKent asks. Bo lifts an arm to shield his eyes from the headlights. "Dad?" Clark says. They both realize that something is wrong. Bo falls. MamaKent calls Bo's name. The camera alternates between close shots of Bo stumbling and being helped by his family, and wide shots of the action from way back up high. Holy music plays. Clark tells Bo to sit down. Bo puts an arm around MamaKent, then an arm around Clark. He looks at each of them lovingly. Then his head falls. Bravo to Al and Miles for not giving him one last platitude to bellow softly with his dying breath. "Don't...bury to the Luthors," or "I left you...a list of chores...on the fridge," or "Tell the cows...I'll see the crossroads." MamaKent screams. Bo's body falls to the ground. MamaKent hugs Bo's head and cries hysterically. "Dad!" Clark calls. MamaKent rubs Bo's chest like a magic lamp, but no cardiovascular genie emerges. The camera pulls very far back as MamaKent cries, "Oh, please, not yet!" More wailing. Major lump in my throat. Damn you, Bo, you finally got me. You got me to send you off with a platitude of my own. May you rest in peace, Bo Duke. Those jerks in heaven aren't going to just beautify themselves.

Commercials. This depressing death brought to you by Underworld: Evolution, a movie about vampires and werewolves and shit.

Dudes and dudettes. I'm gonna take a break. I don't want to recap the next scene. And even though I kind of knew Bo wasn't long for this show (Hell, I knew that around Season 2), it still stings, and the whole rescuing-Lana thing doesn't work, and the show keeps putting us in the unfortunate position of rooting for a selfish, dumb hero who doesn't think beyond his next action and lets fate and insecurity rule his life instead of choosing how he's going to live and sticking to it. We're back to square one, and it's a shitty place to be because we've been here so, so many times. This episode was supposed to be some big surprise with major consequences, but they are very small surprises delivered in the same way they've always been: landing with a thud, with a talented cast making the most of missed opportunities and loose threads. This show will never take Alias-sized risks, it will never make its mysteries half as interesting as those on Lost, and its characters run in circles, rarely developing or changing like they do on The Sopranos, or even on Gilmore Girls. I just don't know what to say. This is not a bad show. But episodes like this hint at the great show it could have been. And that stings a lot more than just seeing a crap episode. You know the irony here? No medical center scene the one time a major character really dies.

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