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All right, it's a day later. Mournful music plays at the Kent Home, daytime. The ground and the roof are still covered in snow as the camera zooms in slowly on the yellow house. Inside, MamaKent stands in front of a living room mirror, trying to clasp her necklace. A photo of her, Clark, and Bo Duke is in front of her. Dressed in black, MamaKent turns from the mirror, breathing deeply and frustrated by the necklace. She touches the pearls to her lips and turns when Clark enters the room. He's wearing a black suit. "I guess it's time, then," MamaKent says sadly. Clark blinks a lot. "I'm sorry," he says. MamaKent takes Clark by the hands and leads him to the couch. She tells Clark that she knows he's blaming himself, but that this isn't his fault. Really? Because it kind of looked like it was. "How can you say that?" Clark sniffles. "I went back to save Lana, and now Dad is gone." MamaKent asks if Clark thinks he could have chosen between them, given the chance. MamaKent says that a heart beats only so many times in a life. Oh no! The platitude torch has been passed! There can be only one! MamaKent says that Bo used his heart more than anyone she knows. Clark blinks a lot more. He says that he doesn't know how to be the man Bo wanted him to be without him there. "You're his son," MamaKent says -- rocking the scene, by the way. She says that Clark knows right from wrong and that, whether Bo is there or not, Clark is a man Bo is proud of. Tears finally come when she says, "A man he could look up to. And something tells me he won't be the only one." They hold hands. Clark sees the necklace and asks if he can help her with it. MamaKent pulls up her hair and cries as Clark puts the necklace around her and fixes the clasp. Whoa, MamaKent's wearing some tall leather boots! "I love you, Mom," Clark says. They hug as sad music, Peter Gabriel's, "I Grieve," plays. It's a nice choice, really. MamaKent says she loves Clark, too.

Pastoral shots. A wide shot of the snow-covered farm. Shot of the "Kent Farm" sign. More farm and an unused tractor. The open fence door at the front entrance. The cows, covered in snow. They grieve, too. "Hey! Let us in the barn! It's fucking cold out here! Hello? Anyone? Bo-oooooo!" A calf jumps around. The barn looks cold and abandoned.

Overhead shot of snow falling at the gravesite. The camera pulls lower in slow motion as people start to walk away from the funeral. Clark and MamaKent stand together. The rosewood coffin begins to lower. Lana, standing to Clark's right, takes his hand. Lana looks at Clark, who is sad and silent. Chloe and Lois, walking off, both turn to look at Clark and MamaKent. It's a nicely framed shot. They turn again and walk away. The snow-covered coffin is lowered further. The camera moves behind Clark and Lana. Lex is standing a ways off, watching. Papa Luthor walks creepily behind MamaKent. Lana walks away, letting go of Clark's hand. Papa Luthor follows. MamaKent walks in the other direction, leaving Clark standing alone at the grave. He picks up a handful of dirt, holds out his hand, and drops it on the coffin. An overhead, rotating shot as Clark stands. A front shot of Clark as a large statue of an angel looms in the background. MamaKent looks to Clark. She looks hopeful. Clark looks down. Peter Gabriel goes, "I griiiiiiiiieeeeeevaaah!" We go to black.

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