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Bo's blue truck pulls up to the scene. He skids to a stop and rushes out toward his son. Clark is just staring at the wreckage, breathing hard. The camera goes overhead and we see Lana on the pavement, surrounded by broken glass. She looks bloody and twisted up. Clark touches her, but doesn't know what to do. "Lana," he says softly. Bo comes up behind Clark and grabs him, pulling him back. "Lana!" Clark screams. "Nooo!" Bo yells back, "No!" and hugs Clark. Clark, his right hand covered in blood, is shaking and in shock. "There's nothing you could have done," Bo tells him. "Nothing." Clark cries. Dude, this is some painful shit right here. Too bad it's going to be absolutely for nothing.

Commercials. This painful death scene brought to you by Dentyne Ice.

Hilarious "if you just joined us" promo: "If you're just joining us, an accident claimed Lana's life." Thanks. You are awesome.

The Fortress of Solitude. Clark is pissed. "How could you take her away from me?!" he screams. He's still wearing his suit. Jarnelle tells Clark that human life is fragile. Squirrels get run over all the time. Jarnelle says that Clark knew a human life would be exchanged for his. "Don't make her pay for my mistake!" Clark yells. Clark says that if he hadn't told Lana the truth, she'd still be alive. Uh, not necessarily, Clark. Long silence. "You have to let me fix it," Clark decides. Jarnelle says that Clark's powers are awesome and all, but they are not gods. I thought they were totally supposed to be gods on earth. "This was not her destiny! And you know that!" Clark hollers. Clark says that there has to be a way to fix this. Jarnelle says there's one trial Clark has yet to experience. They tie your wang to a bowling ball and throw it off a building. Jarnelle says sagely that the Tide detergent of fate is impossible to stop; if you stop one course of events, the universe will find others. And the Bounce fabric softener of payback is a cosmic bitch. Now, Clark. Think very carefully here. Do you get that if Lana comes back, someone else snuffs it? You get that, right? Jarnelle seems pretty clear, here. You're cool with that? Jarnelle says that there is only one crystal. A thick, long ice dildo floats up toward Clark. Hey, big boy. Jarnelle says that there is no second chance: "Decide carefully." I don't think Clark will. "I have to save her," Clark says. Of course he goes and grabs the dildo. Did you think he wouldn't? It shatters. Sweet release!

Snowy Kent farm. We start right back at the beginning, with Clark in the loft and James Blunt playing. Groundhog Day anyone? Clark, holding the coal in his hand, looks around the room in surprise. He's aware of having gone back in time. Lana comes into the room. She says she brought gloves and a scarf like he asked. "You're here," Clark says, sweetly. He hugs her in surprise. Lana says that of course she's there. He invited her. Clark smells Lana's hair. All right, dude. Chill. Lana repeats the line about not being sure a mystery date is what they need right now. She asks where Clark is taking her. His face shifts a bit. He smiles. He says he thought they could spend the day together. Lana figured out that part. She says she's curious about the "day [she'll] never forget" part that Clark had promised. Clark stalls. He turns away. He says he thought they could go to the lake and, He makes a lame excuse about the bridge being iced over, and that he figured they should just stay there. "Don't you think I know by now when you're lying?" Lana says. Clark has no idea what to do here. "Just say something," she tells him. "Anything." Clark lies even worse. He says it wasn't a big deal. "Trust me," he adds, unconvincingly. With tears forming in her eyes, Lana says, "Clark. You know that goes both ways." So does Clark. Clark steps forward to try to explain, but Lana tells him not to bother unless it's the truth. She gulps. The volume on the song goes up on the "And I don't know what to do. 'Cause I'll never be with you" part. Lana says that she can't do this anymore. Clark tries to say that if anything ever happened to her -- "Like what?" she interrupts. "What could be worse than losing the person that you love?" Clark stares at Lana. His eyes soften. "Nothing," he whispers. "You're beautiful," the song repeats in close-ups of Lana and Clark.

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