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Big Superman On Campus

The cavern of slow drowning doom. Lois, lying on her back, has water coming up to about her ears. Outside, Luke is walking back to his Vladillac. He left the driver's side window open in what looks like a shady part of town. Luke puts on his seatbelt just as Clark superspeeds into the scene, grabs him, and pulls him out of the truck. Clark pushes him against the hood. Luke grabs Clark's arm, but nothing happens. "Why isn't it working?" he asks. "Tell me where she is!" Clark yells. Luke squirms and apologizes. "Where is she!?" Clark screams. Luke blah blahs again about how he never used his powers in college, but here, he couldn't start. He starts to go a little over-the-top with the story, channeling Danny DeVito for a second. Clark blinks. All right, this is more interesting than Lois being in danger, he decides. The camera, restless, pivots back and forth as Clark explains that Luke won't want to be responsible for another murder. Luke ignores the part about Lois and says that Coop was going to tell the world that the "Teflon Tailback" was a meteor freak. "Tell me where she is," Clark tries again. "She's down there," Luke says, pointing to the underground.

We cut to a lazy-looking Lois submerged under water. Clark dives in from above like it's freakin' Tomb Raider, and runs down the hall. He calls for Lois. He comes to the metal gate. Clark eyejaculates at the door, and it opens, sparks flying. He pulls Lois out from the water. "Lois, can you hear me?" he asks. She says his name. Clark, holding her, tells her everything is going to be all right. You can't have two love interests die in a row, I guess.

The Marines want you to join so you can climb some awesome craggy cliffs in New Mexico. Then they're shipping your ass to Iraq.

Kent Kitchen. MamaKent and Bo were working on some bills when Clark came home with the news about what happened. MamaKent asks if Lois is going to be all right. Given her drinking, everyone always figured she'd die in shallow water anyway. Clark says that the paralysis wears off and she's already been released from the hospital. How long afterward is this happening? He never called home to explain what was going on? Bo can't believe it. That football boy was nice! And hot! Nicely hot! Clark says that if he takes the football scholarship, he'll be in the same position Luke was. Clark says he'll have to lie on physicals and rig every test to protect his secret. Clark has come to the realization that he has powers other players don't. Didn't your dad already tell you all this months ago? Clark has decided that it's not fair when he's out there competing. It only took a murder and a near-drowning to make him see it. For Clark, learning is all about bloodshed. It's deathtrimental. Clark tells his folks he's decided to give up football. Bo looks like he's been shot in the chest. Bo rises, like a Phoenix from the ashes, with a platitude reborn: "This decision you've made, son, shows integrity well beyond your years." Clark, who was just starting to like the idea of drinking lemonade and eating chocolate cake, asks why he doesn't feel good about it. He glances at a bill on the table from a Feed and Seed store. Bo scoffs, sensing Clark's worry. He tells him that if Clark has his heart set on Met. U. or any other school, then somehow, some way, they'll find a way to make sure Clark can go. Clark finally brightens up. "Yeah," he says, smiling. Back to the skin trade, I guess. Clark keeps grinning, adding goofy to heartfelt.

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