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Red Means Stop (Being Nice)

Just then, Old Heavy walks in. They just let anybody into this place. There's a whole wing of the mansion where the Al Qaeda are hiding out. All Joe Friday, the Heavy says he's a federal marshal, and that the people at the gate let him in. Without letting Lex or Papa Luthor know someone was coming? Heavy says that Clark was seen leaving the scene (ew, cumbersome dialogue) of a disturbance the night before. Papa chortles and asks if that was when Clark was on his way to the top. Heavy shows a photo of Raccoongirl. Clark says he's never seen her before. Heavy pulls out a gun, cocks it, and points it at Clark. "Is that supposed to scare me?" Clark asks, smiling. Clark superspeeds to Heavy, gets the gun, and points it at him. Now it is Clark who has the upper handgun! "How did you do that?" Heavy asks. Clark backs away, says Heavy has no idea who he's dealing with, then shoots three times into his own hand, leaving only black marks and crushed bullets. Papa looks around, asking who's shooting. Clark says that the guy missed, and drops the shells. Papa goes to call Security. Heavy moves to leave, but Clark is right there. He moves the pool table and pins Heavy against the wall with it. Clark asks why the guy's looking for Raccoongirl. He says it's not the girl. It's her father. He's a corporate whistle-blower and this guy was paid $1 million by the company to get the evidence from Raccoongirl's dad. Computer disks, accounting files. This is so damned boring. This guy just sucks the life out of the room. Clark gets the idea to take the $1 million for himself. "But who needs you?" Clark asks, and thumps the guy lightly on the head, sending him to dreamland.

Nest of the Raccoongirl. There's a knock at the door. Clark is there, brooding. She asks if he's ready to go. He says he's almost ready, and stalks inside. Clark says he knows about her dad and the disks. He says they're not going anywhere until Clark has them. Dangerous looks. Commercials.

Raccoongirl asks why Clark is doing this. "The money," he says, smiling. He says that $1 million is more than enough to make a new start somewhere else. She says that if she gives up the disks, her dad is dead. "He was dead when he started running," someone says. Aw crap, it's Old Heavy. You mean to tell me that he came to, got in his car, and got there right after Clark? Does Old Heavy have a jet pack under his cheap suit? Clark is mad. Old Heavy says he knows the players and how to get the money. He tells Raccoongirl to give them the disks. Gunshot. Old Heavy's been shot! I know I said some things, but da-yum. I guess it's for the best. We see Raccoondad crouching on the stairs, gun in hand. He's a whistle-blower, but he's not bad with a gun, either. Dad comes around and points the gun shakily at Clark. He says he doesn't want to hurt him. He tells Clark to get out. Clark says Raccoondad's just like Bo, always telling him what to do. Clark grabs the gun. He doesn't even need his superspeed to do it. "Where are the disks?" Clark asks. Clark starts taking the place apart, punching holes in cabinets and whatnot. Raccoongirl runs as Clark picks up a TV set and hurls it at her dad. Clark lifts the dad up against the wall. The guy says Clark can take the house apart, but he won't find those disks. Clark figures out that Raccongirl has them.

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