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Red Means Stop (Being Nice)

Kent Kitchen. MamaKent is laying out lunch. Clark comes over and says that Raccoongirl and her dad completely cleared out. Now that there's no danger? Clark says he hopes she's all right. Awkward silence. Clark tells Bo that he didn't really mean the things he said and did. Bo says that Clark was affected, but that the feelings came from somewhere. Clark, against piano music, says that not having things does bother him sometimes, but then he remembers what's really important. Clark is happy they stood by him (with a sledgehammer?) no matter what happened. Bo and MamaKent smile and hold hands. Bo says it was a close call. Clark says that when he put the ring on, he felt the urge to tell everyone about his secret. Clark says that the feelings are still there. He has two identities, and he doesn't know which is the real him. MamaKent says the real one is the one who came back to them. Well, she's half right. Clark and Bo and MamaKent all smile at each other. Bo and Clark hold hands.

Lana in a strange purple top, her hair pulled back, riding a horse. Clark walks up to a fence. Clark makes small talk, saying the area is pretty. Clark says he got a little lost, but there he is. He offers some anemic-looking little flowers. For Lex, it's huge tulips, but for Lana, a little sunflower shrub. "Those for me?" Lana asks. Clark says he wanted to apologize and was hoping maybe they could be friends like before. Lana smiles and asks if he thought she'd pretend nothing happened for bringing her flowers. Clark says the stuff that happened recently "wasn't [him]." Like when he had sex with the girl next door? "Wasn't me." Like when he had her in the shower? "Wasn't me." She even caught him on camera. "Wasn't me." Lana asks if it wasn't him when he said he had feelings for her. Man, that's a lot of pronouns. Clark falters and says, "Lana..." Lana says he can't have it both ways. "Either it was you, or it wasn't," Lana says. Way to call him on his bullshit. Clark says he wishes he could explain, but he can't. Oasis plays in the background. "The story of your life," Lana says. Clark says he really is sorry. Lana nods. "I know you are. It's not enough anymore," she says. She asks if he can find his way home. Clark looks sad and says he thinks so. Lana gives Clark a look of death, turns, and rides off. Clark is left at the fence. The camera takes to the sky and watches Lana from the front as she rides. Wow. I never thought I'd say this, but go Lana!

Next week: Somebody's stalking Lana! Did we just go back in time a year?

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