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Red Means Stop (Being Nice)

Foamy coffee drink. What is it with the whipped cream on this show? Clark walks in wearing his leather jacket and a green shirt. So, green and black are evil, then? "Lana. We need to talk," Clark says. Lana says she has to get some orders out. "The coffee can wait," Clark says. Kill him! Clark asks if Lana was jealous when he was with Raccoongirl. "Don't be ridiculous," she says, moving her head every which way her neck will allow. She says that Clark can spend time with anyone he wants. Even Renaldo. Clark says he was happy Lana was jealous. Cad. Lana asks what's going on with Clark. He says he's decided to tell her the truth. "About...everything?" she asks. Clark asks what she wants to know. She asks straight away about what happened during the tornado. "We'll get there," Clark says with a smile. Clark says they should concentrate on more important things like... "I've had feelings for you for a long time," he says. He says he knows she's felt that way, too. Clark says they should stop pretending. Lana breaks eye contact and fidgets, asking if this is some new Clark Kent. New, improved! Now with cheating action! Clark takes her tray as she tries to walk off, and sets it on the counter. "That depends," he says. "Do you like him?" He leans in and they kiss as some lovelorn music plays. I never thought they could do it, but this is not a bad kiss. It's sloppy with lips all over the place and teeth showing and...Yow. Open mouths. They keep their eyes closed after the kiss. Lana glups. "Clark. I, um..." She asks about Raccoongirl. "[Raccoongirl] who?" Clark says. Good answer. "You're the one I want to be with," Clark says, touching Lana's face. He walks away immediately, saying he'll pick her up at 8. Lana blinks a few times. She's been superfied!

Talon office. Chloe is holding what looks like something you'd make rave jewelry out of. It's a papier-mâché-looking rock with some red and green specks in it. Chloe tells Pete as he walks in that their "El Cheapo" class rings are fake. Pete tells Chloe there's something wrong with Clark. "More than usual?" she asks. Pete brings up Clark's actions and says the Kents are really worried. He says they think Clark's on drugs or something. "Clark would have to be on drugs to be on drugs," Chloe says. Nancy Reagan should have thought of that slogan in the '80s. Chloe goes back to the rock, saying that the jewelry company was substituting real gemstones for cheap meteor rocks. Chloe adds that a lode of meteorites near Hobbes pond had a red vein going through them. You know what else has a red vein going through it? Heh heh...Heh heh...The Primetime Red Vein Petunia. You may be able to find it in some of your better greenhouses. Pete doesn't need much more of an explanation. He makes the connection with his class ring and Clark, and before you know it, he's doing a Clark Kent, leaving before he can say a word to Chloe. She must get really tired of that.

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