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Repetitive Super-Injury

The Talon. Folks are still making spirit signs. Clark walks in carrying a big blue tray of muffins, fresh for the eatin'. Lana tells him to put them on the counter. He asks if she's getting ready for the big Spirit Week bash. Lana says sorta. Nell's been using the projection booth as her own personal storage. Huh? Lana took her non sequitur pills this morning. Lana gets quiet as she takes some photos out of an envelope and looks at them. "What are those?" Clark asks. It's a youngish, Lorelai-looking woman on a picnic blanket with a Bo Duke-looking guy with a reddish beard. "These photos are of my mom and some guy," Lana says. She has the bad habit of airing out her business in front of anyone who'll listen. "Maybe he's an old boyfriend," Clark says. Lana turns a picture around. The date on it is stamped, "7/85." On closer inspection, the guy in the photo looks like a young Anthony Hopkins. And I'm not sure if it's the same lady from the pilot, but the woman looks a lot more like Lana than I remember. Lana says the pictures were taken when her parents were already married. Thum thum THUUUUMMM! "Maybe he was just a friend," Clark suggests. The photo shows that they were pretty cozy friends, if that's the case. Lana says she's sure Clark's right. Lex walks in just then with a black jacket and purplish/grayish shirt. "Right about what?" he asks. Clark brings up the photos. "Oh yeah, they make an attractive couple," Lex says. Lana looks to Clark. Long pause. "...And there could be a million explanations," Lex says. Like, maybe they were shooting a movie and it was the big picnic scene and the nudity was all tastefully done by a very artistic director. Lex asks what Lana thinks it is. She says she doesn't know, but she bets Nell does. It's still a quasi-first-season episode, so Nell doesn't have her new boyfriend to moon all over yet. "Mystery solved. I wish they were all these easy," Lex says. Lex gives Clark a meaningful look. Clark fumbles verbally and says it's late and that they should get to school. Lex offers Clark and Lana a lift. "I've got the first two periods off," Lana says. Then she must have been naughtier recently than we've given her credit for. "Clark?" Lex offers. Clark says he was just going "Well, I don't think you can outrun my Porsche," Lex says. But can he outrun your little red Corvette? Because, honey, you're much too fast. Lana laughs. Clark raises his eyebrows and tilts his head a little.

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